Thursday, August 11, 2011

/ Brainfeeder Update / -- Jeremiah Jae + Thundercat mixtapes

Brainfeeder recently updated their site with two must cop mixtapes; Jeremiah Jae's, Lunch Special 4, and Thundercat's, Shenanigans Pt.1, which was put together buy the all mighty Flying Lotus. Jeremiah Jae's new mixtape contains a collection of psychedelic avant-garde rap and rare edits of some of Jae's experimental explorations featuring production from Flying Lotus, Natural Cure, Projeck, and some special guests. Really space out galaxy poppin rap with raw lo-fi strains lingering in the midst of each number. Their are some next level mind-churning tunes on this one, abstract and artsy. Dont pass up, download it.

Jeremiah Jae - Lunch Special 4 (click to download)


Flying Lotus went ahead and curated a fantasy funk mix fully introducing Thundercat into the Brainfeeder family and teasing us for whats to come on the bassist's upcoming debut, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, which will be out on the label August 30. Some really precious jems on here, some funky, some jazzy, some new, some old, and some just down-right perfect. If your a sucker for lounge, slow-jam or any kind of funk you'll by all means appreciate this. Brainfeeder is always reaching newer and greater heights, and both these mixtapes definitely help reach these heights even more so. Download and stream below...

Thundercat - Shenanigans Pt.1 mixed by Flying Lotus (right click + save)
Previously :: Thundercat - 'Daylight' // Jeremiah Jae - '$easons' + 'Raw Tape$'
Thundercat - Daylight
Jeremiah Jae - $easons

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