Monday, August 15, 2011

album :: Shlohmo - Bad Vibes

There's much to say about Shlohmo's new experiment, Bad Vibes, it has this groove to it that is just so outstanding beginning to end. From soothing broken-beat clicks and claps to chirping chimes of birds and droplet sounding clinks, it has this lasting impression that just sticks to mind really well. The whole composition has this certain vibe to it that is certainly not bad but different from what we've heard from the SF beat fiend in the past. He takes a more experimental and melodic approach on this one, upping the reverb and drone with his striking hums, grunts, and moans. The album lifts off with the ethereal track, 'Big Feelings', and boy did this one catch me by surprise. So soulful and passionate, taking this simple indian raga sounding beat and turning into a meditative opus of freeness that makes you think and reflect upon its incredibly moving droned out tones and textures. A little further into the album you have, 'It Was Whatever', a mellow composition of refrained droned out acoustics and a stunning bass breakdown of this guttered broken-bell beat that's rhythm is so obscure yet pleasing. It brings in a whole other dimension and side to Shlohmo's sound I didn't even know was existent. The entirety of this whole release is really something great, its slow-moving, easy on the ears, mind, body, and soul. Super chill vibes. Lovin this new sound of his, its matured and produced. Good things coming for this guy. The album is now out worldwide on the Friends of Friends label, purchase it over here or on iTunes.

Shlohmo - Big Feelings
Shlohmo - It Was Whatever

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