Thursday, July 7, 2011

Space Ghost - Space Ghost EP

Space Ghost serves up a brand new self titled EP at a 'name your price' deal on his bandcamp. The EP features part two's of some of his previous tracks and a grip of new numbers. Down-tempo synthesized beats that will put at ease and lift the mind high with each tracks subtle drones and experimentations. He makes that feel-good, feel uneasy in the best way possible. Good stuff as always. Stream and download at it's full length below...

Space Ghost - Space Ghost EP (click to download)

Previously // Bonus :: DECKast #10 x Space Ghost // Space Ghost recently released the first single on the On Task Family label, entitled, 'Tha Trip'. This song is definitely a trip. Spaced out goodness. Download it below or grab the track along with the instrumental here...
DECKast #10 - Space Ghost mix
Space Ghost - Tha Trip feat. AHYVE

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