Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peach Melba - 'Can't Let Go' (Dub)

Juan Maclean emerges with a new side project under the name, Peach Melba. He sets up a series of 12"'s that he considered too "housey" for his normal realm, and as a result he fabricates, 'Can't Let Go', which is out now on DFA records. The original on the a-side and then 2 stripped down dub blueprints on the b-side. Such a fun track. This, 'Can't Let Go' (Dub), track is a steel drum pounding number that stretches its notes for a whopping 8 minutes and seems to never end. It's overwhelmingly catchy. Purchase and stream it over here.

Peach Melba - Can't Let Go (Dub)

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