Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DECKast #13 x REKchampa

Stefan Ringer aka Rekchampa racked up a banging selection of tracks for this issue of our DECKast. The 30min mix leaks with spatial bass based jams and funky night cranking anthems. Such a party starter. Turn up your volume and turn on that bass. Here's what he had to say about the mix...

"The mix is a collection of 2step,UKG,UK Funky,and Dubstep(no wobbs). I like smooth tunes with a rhythm that is intelligent. I get tired of listening to a tune if it sounds generic..or doesnt have an element of soul to it. You can tell when a tune sounds soulless it just doesn't capture your attention. I chose these tracks because they are interesting, intelligent, soulful, and they are funky.They get your body moving. All of these things are what I try to incorporate in my own tracks."

DECKast #13 - REKchampa mix (right click + save)

Tracklist ::
1. Kloke - Aquarius
2. J La Zain - If You Love Me
3. Gremino - Its Working
4. Fantastic Mr. Fox - Sepia Song
5. Mount Kimbie - Carbonated
6. Deadboy - If U Want Me
7. Jacques Greene - The Look(Koreless Remix)
8. Fantastic Mr. Fox - Brick a Brac
9. Burial - Southern Comfort
10. Daikon - Last Night
11. Divine Interface - Flex Appeal
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