Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rimar - Higher Ground

Columbus, Ohio's nostalgic pop dreamer, Rimar released his notable EP, Higher Ground, last month on his bandcamp. I don't know why this isn't up everywhere in the music blogsphere already. It's downright boogie greatness. From nostalgic dance textures to funkadelic get-down haziness; the 9 track piece just doesn't seem to be enough at all. The consistency that this release creates definitely keeps the listener fully engaged from beginning to end, at least for me it did. Chillwaving mantras, rnb reworks, and summer gazing jams. Don't second guess downloading this one. Stream and download the whole thing for free below. Also, check out all of his other awesome free releases on bandcamp...

Rimar - Park Talk

Rimar - Higher Ground (click to download)

Music video :: Rimar "WAYS" from Rimar's vimeo

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Lars said...

nice. Like that one :)