Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MedicineHat - Summer Flu

Ann Arbor's, MedicineHat aka Ned Sasi, finally put out some new material entitled, Summer Flu, featuring two meditative tracks, 'Forbidden' & 'Kerala'. Dreamy chillhaus graininess and feel-good easy-listening from both of these jams. So on point. Download and stream the two tunes off his bandcamp below...

MedicineHat - Kerala

MedicineHat - Summer Flu (click to download)

Previously // Bonus :: MedicineHat - 'Long Time Comin' // MedicineHat rework of Adele's, 'Rolling in the Deep'...
MedicineHat - Long Time Comin
Rolling in the Deep - Adele (MedicineHat Remix) by MedicineHat


commoncents said...

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Nicholas Alexander Daniel Jak Tucker Pappas XXXIV said...

you find the fucking best music my friend