Friday, May 13, 2011

Etherea - Free Etherea

The eminent dreamscaper, Balam Acab, dropped some free material earlier last month on his facebook, under the name Etherea. I know I'm a tad late on this one but it's far too good not to be shared. From chiming bass refrains to feel good instrumentals, it maps out to be some of young Koone's quality works. Reworking some of the finest; Snoop Dogg, Animal Collective, St.Vincent, and DOOM; its a platter of absolute greatness. Get in those summer vibes. Download the whole Free Etherea tape below and some of my favorites off it...

Etherea - Free Etherea (click to download zip)

Etherea - Inspiration
Etherea - Needuh
Etherea - WAVVES vs. DOOM