Friday, May 6, 2011

Divine Interface - 'Folklore'

Atlanta's ghetto lo-fi dreamer, Divine Interface, gets ready to drop his upcoming debut EP, Color Ways, on John Howes' label, Spontaneous Rhythm. Drew gave XLR8R a tease off what's to come from the EP with the track,'Folklore'. A down-tempo bass defying rhythm intertwined with a jiving vocal sample that steadily uptake a glorious march of pacifying pleasure. It's one genius piece of work. Check out all of his other remarkable sounds on his soundcloud.

Divine Interface - Folklore

Outkast-elevators( Divine Interface Remix) by Divine Interface
Falty DL-Brazil(Divine Interface Remix) by Divine Interface


Armand Cordero said...

love this folklore track. your blog is sick !

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Netherland said...

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