Tuesday, May 3, 2011

album :: Blue Sky Black Death - NOIR

Seattle's cinematic hip-hop instrumentalists, Blue Sky Black Death deliver their finest new album, NOIR, on the Fack Four Inc label. From sequenced feel good melodies to lusciously warped soundtrack-like beats, the Seattle duo manage to curate one for the year's books. In the first half of the 14 tracks, 'Sleeping Children Are Still Flying' loosens up and elevates an unreeling build up of textures and tones that are so unexpected yet beyond gratifying. The following track 'And Stars, Ringed', resembles somewhat like the Lion King soundtrack, epic and legendary, with a Air France sounding vibe embedded into it. In the second half, the track, 'Starry', lures an incredibly beatific opera-esque hymn that syncs in moves through stirringly wavy orchestral reverberations. So lively and uplifting, from beginning to end. Stream and buy the whole album HERE.

Blue Sky Black Death - Sleeping Children Are Still Flying
Blue Sky Black Death - And Stars, Ringed
Blue Sky Black Death - Starry