Monday, April 4, 2011

album :: 2562 - Fever

Post-garage breaker, Dave Huismans aka 2562, released his third LP enitled, Fever, sometime last month on his own imprint label, When In Doubt. Dave has really taken a variety of electronic sounds to create his very own; from garage to house to techno to break-beat to post dubstep and to now what some people call 'funky'. His sound can really be labeled under a lot of genres, it's limitless, there's glimpses of many tones in this third album of his. Rolling bass-music, up-beat and hyper-edited snare hits, spacey synths, broken-beats, a hybrid of old and new techno, and post-dub vibes. This 11 track piece wanders into a realm of innovative club jams and utterly repetitive mind-chruning rhythms, triggering something in any body to react and be spellbound by the tones and textures of these tracks. Purchase the album HERE. Down below are a couple of favorites off the LP... (right click + save to download)

2562 - Cheater
2562 - Brasil Deadwalker
2562 - Wasteland

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