Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Premiere :: Smoke Room - 'Knock, Knock' + 'Beads'

Kyle aka Smoke Room (formerly Young Henry), was kind enough to send over a couple tracks that he's recently been working on. 'Knock, Knock,' knocks the ear drums with a fortifying beatific rift of top of the world little house on the prairie melodies and deep low pitched sampled bass vocals; it's an instant banger. 'Beads' drives the reverb up into a soundscaptual layer of glitchy chopped samples subdued underneath korean pop vocals and draining chordal synths. Only 18 years of age, he's going places. Check out his soundcloud for more his sounds.

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Here's one of my favorite tracks under his new alias, 'Wet. Moaning. Summer Nights.'...

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