Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Decked Into :: J∆y Curry - Π▲Π▲Π▲Π▲

I was recently introduced to Los Angeles' perplexing beat experimentalist, Jay Curry. He has remastered some staggering tracks by Four Tet, James Blake, and Animal Collective to name the least and has somehow fabricated them into original beat bangers of his own. On his most up to date beat tape, Π▲Π▲Π▲Π▲, he showcases some official and unofficial extras of first rate easy-listening melodies. Impeccable quality and talent. Listen and enjoy. DL the whole thing for free on his bandcamp along with his other releases.

Jay Curry - Interlusal (Dear Vincent)
James Blake - I'll Stay (Jay Curry Remix)

Bonus :: Off his 2010 release, INSTRU (The Instrumental Composition), here is a beat rework Curry did of Animal Collective's, 'What Would I Want Sky'...
Jay Curry - Lamina

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Matty said...

Brings me to a different place... amazing for drawing/painting