Thursday, March 17, 2011

Decked into :: Dibia$e - 'Fly Me 2 The Moon' + 'Genie In The Sky'

I had the pleasure of seeing the wonderful Dibia$e at L.A.'s finest, Low End Theory last night. His modesty and humbleness definitely shines through his utterly feel good bass bopping nu-soul beats. He single handedly was one of the first to start up in the L.A. beat scene, just as MC Nocando said last night before Mr. Dibiase began his awe-inspiring set. Dibia$e has recently served up his latest collection of beats entitled, Sound Palace. Easy listening swinging and soulful beats, blaps, and booms. Purchase the alluring 14 track masterpiece by emailing directly to him, Here's two beautifully harmonious bangers off his latest...

Dibia$e - Fly Me 2 The Moon
Dibia$e - Genie In The Sky
Bonus :: Here's a mix he did for Andrew Meza's BTS Radio almost exaclty a year ago...
Dibia$e // BTS Radio - Return Of The Sludge Mix

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