Friday, March 25, 2011

Burial - 'NYC'

The long awaited release has finally cut through my itunes and infiltrated my ears; Burial's, Street Halo EP. The 3 track dubby garage 2-stepper lifts the mind body and soul into a groundbreaking state of subbed out bass and relentlessly teasing rhythmical patterns. The rather dusky track of the three, 'NYC', swifts and dips into a shoreline of gut wrenching frequencies and room to think textures. Perfect for those sleepless nights and long car rides home. Purchase the EP on 12" HERE. DL 'NYC' and stream the other two radio ripped tracks below...

Burial - NYC

Burial - Stolen Dog
Burial - Street Halo
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Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke - Ego
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