Monday, February 21, 2011

Zoo Kid // Bandcamp Singles

South East London's, 17 yr old, Archy Marshall aka Zoo Kid, is staggering. He uses his awe-inspiring vocals and in a way that is so very soothing to the ears, it resonates sounds of bliss through my speakers. With his psychobilly rhythms and acoustically dub ditties he takes and makes a style of his own. All of his tracks are available to listen on his bandcamp but not download. So I went ahead and put together a compilation of all his stirring bandcamp singles into a zip, dl below...

Zoo Kid // Bandcamp Singles (Right click and save)

Tracklist ::
Zoo Kid - Baby Blue
Zoo Kid - Greyscale
Zoo Kid - Has This Hit
Zoo Kid - Ocean Bed
Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs
Zoo Kid - The Wake



Anonymous said...

you're pretty great. thanks xx

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton for this!