Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Album :: Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise

Niclolas Jaar has been making electronic sounds since the age of 14, with a few EPs and remixes released, he is finally to release his debut album, Space Is Only Noise, on Circus Company. This album is truly a masterpiece of subtle yet complex electronic rhythms and melodies. They undertake a lengthy subdued mysteriousness that stays consist throughout each track of the album; creating a perplexing attraction towards his expressive sounds. So organic and raw, letting the listener absorb all that is being showcased. It really is an astonishing album. Be sure to look out and show it support when it is released Feb. 14, 2011. In the meantime here's a tease...

Nicolas Jaar - I Got A Woman
Nicolas Jaar - Specters Of The Future


Some of his previous works...

Nicolas Jaar Discography by Clown and Sunset

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