Friday, December 24, 2010

Relistening :: Lone // The Seasons Change - BTS radio mix

Back in March of this past year Lone did a spell-bounding mix for Andrew Meza's BTS Radio. The mix encompasses beats that range from jazz/lounge to spacey captivating tones that make your body sway side to side and make your head bop back and forth. This is possibly my favorite guest mix done on BTS radio. Great stuff.

Lone - The Seasons Change (BTS Radio mix)

Lone - Fire Rainbow East (CDR)
Lootpack - On Point (Stones Throw)
Lone - Arista Tape Groove (CDR)
Lone - Twilight Groans (CDR)
Count Bass D - Real Music vs. Bullshit (High Times / Metal Face)
Lone - Rural Urban Binge (CDR)
Lone - Sungrazer Cascade (Werk Discs)
Letherette - Leabs (CDR)
Boards Of Canada - Red Moss (Music 70)
Lukid - Hot And Cold (CDR)
Lone - Spring Sun 707 (CDR)
Plaid - Yak (Warp)
Lone - Once In A While (Werk Discs)
Lone - Karen Loves Kate (Werk Discs)

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