Monday, November 15, 2010

Relistening :: [RAMP011] Zomby - Liquid Dancehall / Strange Fruit [2008]

I think sometimes we tend to forget what dubstep has came from. It's now a genre that has branched off into so many sub-genres and has somehow gone from what was meant for the underground scene to now being on the cusp of going mainstream. I personally have always preferred listening UK dub artists like Kode 9, Zomby, Cooly G, Burial, Martyn, Mala, etc. because they along with others, I feel, set the foreground of the dubstep genre and without them dubstep would probably not be where it is today. Lately i have been listening to alot of Zomby's old stuff, mainly his 2008 release of Liquid Dancehall and Strange Fruit. Which you can purchase HERE on 12". Both tracks are bass heavy and something deeper than dubstep, so organic, mind boggling, and must listens. Check it...

Zomby - Liquid Dancehall
Zomby - Strange Fruit
Bonus:: Here's a track off Zomby's, Zomby EP, realeased in 2008 on Hyperdub....this one's a banger!
Zomby - 1 Up

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