Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FUTURE BASS :: Soul Jazz Records

I have been searching for this a while now and I finally got a hold of it! It's absolutely amazing, each track on this album pushes the dubstep genre and sub genres to a place beyond belief. Hence the name, Future Bass, because it truly is something not of the past or present but definitely well in the future. Soul Jazz Records claims it to be "Post-dubstep, post-House, post everything" and it is exactly that! The album complies the best artists in the scene right now; Mala, Four Tet, Untold, Coki, Ramadanman, and others. It's a must listen! Here's two bangers off the album...

Ramadanman - Bass Drums
Randomer - Puzzled

Purchase the album at it's entirety here...

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