Monday, August 23, 2010

S.Maharba x BTS Radio

S.Maharba does BTS Radio. Coming from the UK, S.Maharba brings you his dusty trip-hop beats with unheard of vintage sounding samples; taking you on a journey through the future sounds of experimental music. This guy is more than amazing.

S.Maharba - BTS Radio

S.Maharba - L ft Y r Sk rt p
S.Maharba - Nice To Meet You
RUN DMT - Active Hands
Young Montana? - Untitled
Shankles - 6, 10, Half The Other
Mark Aubert - Tomorrow Comes Again
Dem Hunger - Fried Squid
S.Maharba - French Maid
AL_PD - Hammock
Onra - My Comet
Thallus - Masut
Buffalo Springfield - Expecting To Fly
S.Maharba - M/L/M/H


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