Monday, November 16, 2009

Basement Jaxx

So i first began listening to Basement Jaxx when they dropped their long awaited single, 'Raindrops', which is in my top songs of 2009. I downloaded most of their old albums because i liked Raindrops so much and I couldnt really get into their music no matter how much i tried. Then finally, their long awaited album, 'Scars', released a few months ago. I got it listened to it once and didn't really like it at all. I recently got the chance to see them @ HARD haunted mansion this year on halloween, AND I WAS BLOWN AWAY by them! They are absolutely legends, i love them. And their new album SCARS is really something i cant stop listening to it ever since i saw them live! Today I went back and listened to their old albums and they are brilliant. Trust me they will grow on you. Currently these two songs are my favorite from the album and i cant stop listening to them....

Basement Jaxx - Saga (feat. Santigold)
Basement Jaxx - Feelings Gone (feat. Sam Sparro)

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