Monday, April 13, 2009

jj - my life, my swag/ my swag, my life

Tough Alliance's label Sincerely Yours just released jj's Ep. The Ep contains two amazing songs "my life, my swag" and "my swag, my life" kind of confusing huh? hahaha well jj definitely resembles in sound to label mates Air France and Tough Alliance. Nobody knows who jj is, he remains leave himself cloaked in mystery.
“a lot of blood was sacrificed to make this happen.”
“You couldn’t duplicate this shit if I told you how to.” - jj
a bit crazy? yeah.

Regardless of how crazy mysterious jj is, both songs are amazing but i only have "my swag, my life". I will update this post once i find "my life, my swag" but in the meantime check the other song out...

jj - my swag, my life



djbethell said...

I have the other one if you need,
D x

Anonymous said...

Trk 1 (the reverse) to, tack så mycket!