Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So MF Doom changed his name to DOOM. i think that its pretty wack but whatever, his new upcoming album "Born Like This" looks like its going to be pretty fucking sick. heres two songs off the album...

DOOM - Lightworks (produced by J Dilla)
DOOM - That's that

01. Supervillain Intro
02. Gazillion Ear
03. Ballskin
04. Yessir (ft. Raekwon)
05. Absolutely
06. Rap Ambush
07. Lightworks
08. Batty-Boys
09. Angelz (ft. Tony Starks)
09. Cellz
10. Still Dope (ft. Empress Sharhh)
11. Microwave Mayo
12. More Rhymin’ (ft. Kurious)
13. That’s That
14. Suppervillainz
15. Bump’s Message
16. Thank Ya


1 comment:

Jordan said...

do you know why he changed it to DOOM?

and it was MF DOOM before.

all caps, DOOM fans know that ;)