Sunday, January 25, 2009

slumdog millionare soundtrack.

amazing sountrack A.R. Rahman has done music for several indian movies those of which have had equally as amazing music. He is an amazing that now is being known across the nation for being nominated for best score. He also collabed with M.I.A. with one song in the soundtrack "O'Saya" which is very fun and now she is up for an oscar for the song. this movie is supposedly amazing i saw half of it and it was awsome but i need to watch the rest of it soon, very soon.

this movie is a must see. best movie 2009?

listen to the soundtrack now!

slumdog millionare sountrack.


Huxley said...

What's the password?

xr2saish said...

shit iono ill put up a diff link.

Anonymous said...

you have this? hook it up maaan!