Sunday, March 29, 2015

stream :: Nautiluss - DINER 003

Toronto based producer Nautiluss has been on a brief hiatus for the past two years but is back at it with a brand new EP on The Nite Owl Diner. This new label is run by Chicago based Chrissy Murderbot and 100% Silk / Mister Saturday Night affiliate, Alex Burkat; Nautiluss' new material marks the third release on their new imprint. The 4 track EP features a collaboration tune from SF Soo Wavey boss Vin Sol and three new originals that add to the Toronto producer's explorative discography spanning from labels like, Hemlock, 3024, Ghostly International, and more. Check out FACT mag's Q&A with Nautiluss as they talk about his future goals and current inspirations.

As he mentions in the Q&A that all the tracks on the EP "were written near bodies of water while traveling abroad"; this setting inspiration definitely translates throughout the whole EP. Channeling airy wave like syncopations and phasing melodies, Nautiluss constructs some body grooving bangers that can easily become favorites. The hand numbered limited edition 12" is available now via The Nite Owl Diner shop. Stream in full below...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

preview :: Andrés - Believin' EP

New 3 track EP from DJ Dez Andrés on his own La Vida imprint, hot shit from one of the Dirty District's finest. "Can't Shake It" will get some bodies moving on the floor, guaranteed. Buy it on sight!

Preview tracks from the EP below via FIT Distribution:
1. Believin'
2. Can't Shake It
3. Jungle Pain

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

download :: Khotin - 'Tsoi'

Canadian producer and web designer, Khotin aka Dylan Khotin-Foote is a man of many talents and has been on Thats Deck's radar for quite some time now. He co-runs the Edmonton based label, Normals Welcome, and also has been putting out several records over the past year to the present.

About a month ago Khotin released a track on Clan Destine Traxx's, Dark Acid IV, compilation entitled, 'Tsoi'. The 8 minute track builds on a sedative ambient chord that regurgitates like a ocean tide riding on an acidic rift. The reverberations from the sporadic vocal sample used throughout the track transcends his fairly minimal production to another level of entrancing pleasure. Lucky for you he made this track available for free download because the mastering on the record is "botched". Find it below...

Also :: This March he released a limited vinyl only 12"on Heart to Heart. It's damn good, and tastefully groovy. Listen to the preview below...

Monday, March 23, 2015

stream :: Fit of Body - Health Is Wealth Vol.1

Ryan Parks aka Fit of Body the founder of Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Cassette Co in Atlanta is prepping some awesome upcoming releases including one of his very own entitled, Health is Wealth Vol.1. It just saw release today and is filled with 10 cuts - old, new, and some of Mr. Parks' favorites. Its a dynamic tape sifting through different sound experiments and moody melodies all in which are very catchy and unique in their own right. Ranging from lo-fi house arrangements to nightwave punk ballads and R&B synth boppers, it is apparent Fit of Body's sound is very versatile and tastefully developed in a spectrum of styles.

The release makes for Fit of Body's first full-length on his very own label, which makes this one very exciting and hopeful. Stream the whole tape below and purchase it via bandcamp now. Also check out this cool skate video of the track 'Walking', where Ryan and his homie catch some rails and flip tricks transit

Sunday, March 15, 2015

S.A.M. & Delaphine

Delaphine is a label founded by the very talented and inspiring S.A.M. You may also know him also as NWS, Samuel Andre Madsen, Rev-S, Sapriori and Mandar (w Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie). SAM incorporates field recordings with (but not always) dance-floor and minimal house influences. As a listener, Delaphine represents spiritual guidance, freedom and intimacy. His third release has been taken from a 30 minute ambient recording which was originally released as a podcast for Rayna DeNiords' Modiyfer in 2013. He has released a few tracks for Fathers and Sons Productions, Pluie/Noir and Subwax Bcn. S.A.M is currently living in Paris, working along side Malin Genie and Lazare Hoche rehearsing live sets under Mandar.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DECKast #55 x Open Heir

The good buds, Dylan and Jonny, curators of the communal occurrence Out of Body in Los Angeles are prepping for their second party this coming Friday the 13th in Glendale at L.A.'s best club for underground music (according to L.A. Weekly), Complex. After their recent success in hosting Mike Huckaby & MNDSGN, the OoB crew brings on a new promising bill including a live set from midwest acid electronic technician, D'Marc Cantu; Berlin via SF/LA transplant and soulful upbeat dance musician, label head, and DJ, Alland Byallo; also Los Angeles Non Projects member, Anenon. They will be supported by Thats Deck contributor and RWD.FM DJ Force Placement as well as co-founder of Out of Body, Dylan aka Open Heir, who will be starting things off for the evening. You can purchase tickets over at Resident Advisor and find more information here.

Open Heir is currently soundcloud-less but was kind enough to contribute a short and sweet mix for the DECKast series. This mix delves deep into the euphoric and OUT OF BODY sensations of some proper dance rhythms and alluring quotes from some London dance maniac and Barbara Walters on the subject of "raves" and "the underground". Read what he had to say about the mix below...

"With out of body, we somewhat cheekily refer to our shows as "communal occurrences", which should communicate that most of our bookings are best enjoyed in a dark club surrounded by 200 really nice strangers. Meanwhile, a lot of the music I've been working on is insular, shifty, and kind of odd --stuff that's probably best for listening to while cleaning your studio. This mix meets somewhere in the middle. If you like it, come through to out of body's upcoming show at Complex, Friday 3.13., featuring D'Marc Cantu & Alland Byallo."

Lorenzo Senni: "Superimpositions"
Acen: "Trip To The Moon Pt. 1"
Open Heir: "Church"
Moby: "Go"
Aurora Halal: "Overpass"
Mike Huckaby: "Baseline 89"
Matt Karmil: "Wow (and flutter)"
Dr. Alex Patterson: "Loving You (Live)"
Open Heir: Untitled Track
William Orbit: "Shine On Me"
Listening Center + Pye Corner Audio: "Town of Tomorrow Today"
Alland Byallo: "Singularity"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

video :: Helena Hauff - 'The First Time He Thought, He Died'

Newest signee on Actress' Werkdiscs imprint, Helena Hauff, readies her upcoming EP, Lex Tertia, at the end of the month. This new chilling video of her's is a track taken from the EP, which can give you a sense of what sound to expect on this debut for Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune. Absolutely lovin' the crescendoing percussion on this one paired alongside this distorted VHS of a sinking ship; it's very fitting, I definitely feel that in the sound. Not too sure who directed this one but you can pre-order the EP here today.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cybernetic Edit Subscription Service

Avalon Emerson dropped some free tracks the other day in celebration of her new Cybernetic Edit Subscription Service. This service caters to the "dopest digital-only remix subscription service for working DJs", which is pretty darn radical. For this second volume, Ms.Emerson puts her edit efforts into three nostalgic varying originals; Technotronic's 'Pump Up The Jam', Julie Ruin's 'A Place Called Won't Be There', and Friction and Spice's 'Groove Me'. She packs them with a cybernetic flare that revives these tracks in a new groovable light. The other edit in the free pack comes from her partner Derek Opperman, who edits under DZ for his "Fairlight Freakout" of the glam 80's pop tune 'Love in The First Degree' by Bananarama.

On top of all these remixes being incredibly entertaining, you can grab them all for free in AIFF or MP3 format. Its quite genius and convenient for those music heads out there. The website for this awesome service was designed by Avalon Emerson herself! Listen to snippets of two tracks on the free volume below and catch her somewhere in US during the month of March before she heads back to her new adopted home in Berlin.

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (Avalon Emerson's Marshmellow ReHeat)

Bananarama - Love In The First Degree (DZ's Fairlight Freakout)

Previously :: video :: Avalon Emerson - 'Honest Gangster'

Saturday, March 7, 2015

DECKast #54 x Kosmik

For this issue of the DECKast we have a very special all vinyl mix from UCSB radio host of Interplanetary.Musik and co-curator of a new night in Los Angeles called, The Black Lodge. Vikas Malhotra aka Kosmik first came on my radar a couple years back when I would tune in almost weekly to Jason aka Force Placement, go back to back with Vikas and hear them explore serene cosmic rhythms and obscure electronic conjunctions on his radio segment.

Since Interplanetary.Musik has been on a hiatus, Vikas has linked up with Hyperion Tavern in Los Angeles for free evening of "esoterik elektronixxx" that will initiate this Saturday March 7th. Check out more event info here. Force Placement will be joining Kosmik on the all vinyl endeavor inviting local talent such as Jonny Mons of Far Away and Davey Jones of Touch Vinyl for this debut night. Its going to be a great one. Listen to Kosmik's almost hour mix of off-kilter hypnotic sweepers and disorienting bangers. Read what he had to say below about it...

"An all vinyl freestyle mix I threw together quickly with the closest records at hand - a bit more on the experimental side, with long mixes, some complicated rhythms, and a lot of acid and jakbeat tracks. Basically went in whatever direction the music took me that day. Sorry for any crackles, pops, or skips - it’s vinyl! BLACK LODGE!"

1. Gerechtigkeits Liga - Volkermord Part 1
2. Mr.Fingers - Waterfall
3. Zagittarius - Going The Funk Off
4. Bass Clef Vs Frak - Bad Trip
5. Zagittarius - Let the music use you:
6. Trixxter - TX Connect
7. Frak – Kom Deluxe
8. Voiski - From Wood To Stone
9. Xosar - Paranormal Detective
10. Tevo Howard - Energia Enlightenment (Traxx Re-Creation)
11. Steve Summers - Make Your Move
12. Orgue Electronique - The Longing

Previously :: DECKast #53 x Kilos

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Deepchord - 'Electromagnetic Dowsing': The Lost D Side

Stateside dub techno godfather Rod Modell aka Deepchord serves up another version of the seminal “Electromagnetic Dowsing" on his Echospace [Detroit] label (the original was released on Mike Huckaby's S Y N T H label back in 2005). The Lost D Side is a completely immersive experience, an 11 minute plus journey into the abyss, complete with swirling pads, crusty drums, and plenty of hissing background atmospherics. Suitable for both club use and headphone listening at the crib, limited to 300 copies worldwide. Highly recommended, grab this if you can. Digital still available, 12" sold out here.

Friday, February 20, 2015

stream :: Newbody - Think EP

L.A. duo, Newbody recently released their, Think EP, on Interscape Records. Expected top vibes from producer Jonathan and songwriter Roberto as always. This one falls in the more fast paced realm of rhythms channeling a hyperactive house garage atmosphere. Definitely will get you thinking about dancing your ass off. No doubt. Ace remixes done for the two original cuts on the EP, 'Think!' and '2 Much Of U' by Ultrademon, Karmelloz, Music For Your Planets, and D/P/I. You can download the EP at a 'name your price' deal on bandcamp now.


Florian Kupfer - 'Sad Edit'

Taking Sade's classic, 'Never Thought I'd See The Day', L.I.E.S. affiliate, Florian Kupfer, takes the original and strips it down into a mystifying dub version. Regurgitating Sade's vocal and aligning it along side emotionally deep percussives; Florian's personal edit of the Sade fav initiates that 'get lost in this' type groove. Listen for yourself below. Also check out the German producer's latest work on Willie Burns' imprint, WT Records, with his 4 track EP, WT 21 Florian Kupfer. If your in EU, you can catch Kupfer live with Willie Burns in Paris and Berlin on the 27th and 28th of this month. Definitely a talent to look out for in 2015, as he been consistently putting out some incredibly gratifying records.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mix-O-Rap - I Am The DMR

From the streets of Gaffney, South Carolina DIY hip-hop producer formerly known as MIX-O-RAP resurrects six cuts to curate his debut tape, I Am The DMR, which is available now on cassette tape via Peoples Potential Unlimited. Billy D.Littlejohn-Bey aka MIX-O-RAP aka DJ BLAK is no beginner when it comes to producing tracks; as he has been in the game releasing records on several of his own record labels and DJing house parties in the 80s. In more recent times the underrated talent is putting out tracks on his newly established DJ BLAK RECORDS where you can find a lot of his latest productions.

In the newest release, Billy fuses off-kilter lo-fi ringing hip-house beats and literal lyrical content, MIX-O-RAP creates an authentic atmosphere around his compositions that hypnotize at first listen. Deep tracks like 'Spitting Game' and 'Eyes of A Key' gauge the artist in his most truest emotional state in the tape, complimenting the other four loud frantic rap pieces that come with them. With a truly original sound and thoughtful future, PPU also put out a single sided 12" from MIX-O-RAP called For Thugz, as part of PPU's limited test pressing series at the beginning of the year. Listen below and find downloads from I Am The DMR via soundcloud...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

video :: August Landelius - 'Handing Out Stones'

August Landelius is one you may have heard in the past but never known who exactly he was. In collaboration with Adam Stromstedt, August has been known as Alan Delius and with his collaboration with Holger Zilske, he's been known for his work as Yoko Duo. The Swedish producer is not afraid to take on new challenges and different approaches in the music he creates. While under Alan Delius, a solid house techno structure is apparent in his sound, Yoko Duo takes a more laid-back melodic field focusing more on lyrical content while holding an underlying futuristic flare. August Landelius on the other hand coalesces all those sounds on a new path that has seen light on his debut EP, Float, realeased on brand new Malmo, Sweden based Naiv Recordings. The EP is out now, check it out. The EP's single music video above for, 'Handing Out Stones', was made by Johan Jarnstam, Una Boskovic and C-J Szyber.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SURE THING upcoming gig + new mix series

Poster by: SK

Former DECKastee and music enthusiast/DJ Aaron J established his own dance night in San Francisco late last year called, Sure Thing. The new underground endeavor picks up momentum and nears its second gig with more surprises and excitement, intending to showcase some of the most talented and forward-thinking artists in today's vast electronic music genre.

This time around on January 31st, Aaron will be treating Underground SF with a debut from Detroit's first lady DJ/producer of techno, Kelli Marie Hand aka K-Hand. For over a decade K-Hand has contributed in harnessing some of the finest techno and house to come out of Detroit's history, founding her very own label Acacia Records, in 1990. She is best known for her releases on Warp, Studio !K7, and Tresor; consistently pushing innovation and soul in all of her body-jacking productions to date. This will be K-Hand's first time playing in San Francisco alongside Don't Be Afraid member, Jack Murphy and Sure Thing curator Aaron J. If your in the area don't miss out, it will surely be one for the books. Details here.

Also :: Sure Thing recently established it's own mix series kicking it off with occasional Thats Deck contributor and L.A. sound selector, Force Placement. Combining textures and tones of deep soulful house to cosmic signaling techno, the RWD.FM radio host (Tues. 11PM-1AM PST) serves up an hour long authentic all vinyl mix. Loose yourself...