Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Michael Claus - Assorted Tracks Vol.2

Earlier this month Jacktone Records released the second album from up and coming SF producer, Michael Claus. Following his self-titled debut, Michael whips up 8 tracks of hazy analog euphoria. Beginning the album with 'Reflections', a seven and a half minute arpeggiated build up of staccatoed  bass hits and spacey synth stabs. Claus sets up the rest of the album nicely with an assortment of several other unique atmospheric ambient/house/techno/acid cuts to vibe out to that might just be some of his best productions to date. 'With It', is definitely a highlight from the release, an instant banger for the dancefloor. Highly recommend.

Assortment Tracks Vol.2 is out now on digital/limited edition cassette via Jacktone's bandcamp. Listen to previews below...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

video :: Evy Jane - 'Breaking'

Vancouver favorite - Evy Jane released their long awaited LP, Breaking on King Deluxe last month. Evelyn Mason and Jeremiah Klein harmoniously put together an enlightening melancholic winter soundtrack, blending elements of soul, pop, and R&B. Excellent for the heartbreaks, make-ups, and everything in between. The duo is to see their first VR music video come to life for, "Give Me Love", which will be dropping soon, keep an eye out here.

Purchase and listen to Breaking in full over at bandcamp.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DECKast #64 x P.H.O.R.K.

With releases on Opal Tapes, Orange Milk Records, NNA Tapes, Sacred Phrases, and Time No Place - LA based producer Neal Reinalda aka P.H.O.R.K. (People’s Higher Order of Royal Kinship) has been consistently putting out notable productions left and right. Carrying a unique sound throughout, Neal formulates a wide variety of analog noise and off-kilter dance experimentations that are ever so engaging and revitalizing. He crafted up a gnarly techno leaning mix for this issue of the DECKast. See what he had to say about it and listen below...

"The mix is my version of the 'Freak Easy' sound, a pleasure patina on new shapes for pain. Its sounds for the searchers and lurkers, the pushers and sleepers, the criers and grinders. Its for the people who think another world is possible, you know who you are. Freak USA. Never give up."

PHORK ‘Freak USA’ mix

Tracklist ::
System 2256 - Bryan Sonderman - (unreleased)
Flavor&Sound - Co La - (unreleased)
Sorbet Lexus - Killd By - (unreleased version of ’Nasty Future’ from THRU THA RIP)
New Edition - Jeremy Hyman - Future Times
Steals - Bruce - Hessle Audio
Castles Olympique - Clouds - Timeslip Roadmender
With Patsy - Tessela - Swimming With Patsy
Love Re-Circulation - PHORK - (unreleased)
Trident - Matrixxman & Echologist - The Black & White EP
Stimulant Dub - Pangaea - New Shapes In The Air
Bell Blocker - Planetary Assault System - The Messenger
In The Clutches - Demo Lick - (unreleased)
untitled (track 4) - Forcefield - Lord Of The Ring Modulator
Stop It - Pylon - Gyrate

Also :: This Friday Oct.28 in LA check out P.H.O.R.K.'s party, FREAK EASY, where special guests JEREMY HYMAN(Future Times), US HARD, DJ OVNI (ex-dangelxxx) & EBB DEEZY will be throwing down some freaked beats...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

First Listen :: The Magic Valley Tarot Society - 'Dawning'

Supraman of Austin TX takes an official stab at his side project as The Magic Valley Tarot Society for the second release on recently established Canadian imprint Kudatah. Last year Supraman released his unofficial debut with the side project with four tracks of solid disco. With this new EP, Vanishing Act, MVTS, turns out four lo-fi hard-house induced productions that bring all the euphoria and joy you need for a good sweat on the dancefloor.

We have a first listen into the stellar closing track, 'Dawning', from the release. The almost 5 minute track sirens and hits all the right nodes in the body to get it moving and into a trance. Crossing genres and speeding rhythms, the track is relentlessly raw and vibey. Take a listen below...

Vanishing Act will be out on digital/cassette October 26th via Kudatah bandcamp.

Tracklist ::
1. Phase
2. Transport
3. Rendered
4. Dawning

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

James Booth launches Share XL

Berlin based James Booth launched his new label, Share XL, this past month with an inaugurating release from himself. Following his previous releases for Church, 100% Silk, Nous, Farbwechsel and Out to Lunch, James is no stranger to the scene and has finally taken it upon himself to start his own imprint and catalog releases from a wide cross section of artists. This debut release explores Booth's darker acid modulating productions, that culminate direct emotions on a no hassle rhythmic plain. Minimal machine euphoria and encouraging kinetic body movement. Highly recommend.

Stream 'O.I.L.' below and listen to the whole EP via bandcamp. Its available now on digital - first 50 orders come with cassette and A3 artwork print that will ship early 2017.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Thought Tempo - I Can Fila

LA/OC based producer Thought Tempo recently dropped his new two-track EP, I Can Fila, on Zoom Lens earlier this month. This one follows his release from the beginning of the year called (The Flow). Sticking true to his texture filled ambient arrangements, he fabricates a sub-bass anthem of a title track that definitely leaves you feeling all around. The second track, '90 Mist'; Thought Tempo releases three minutes of meditative shoegaze wanderlust. The album art for this one made by the ever talented Brian Vu. Download the short and sweet EP at a 'name your price' deal via bandcamp.

Also catch Thought Tempo on the radio show tonight via RWD.FM between 11PM-1AM PST. Don't miss.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fit of Body - Fit of Body EP

Ryan Parks aka Fit Of Body has been making music officially and unofficially for the past several years through his avant-garde electronic experimentations. With only a couple of web releases and cassette presses, Fit Of Body finally debuts his first ever solo 12" on Atlanta stalwart imprint CGI Records. The self-titled EP beautifully expresses the best of his unique intoxicating productions. With two new originals, "Carol Haze" and "John Mikel", Ryan arranges stripped down minimalist house with pop laced subtleties. The record also features remixes from fellow ATL producer TWINS and NY's Galcher Lustwerk.

Listen to a couple of the tracks below and purchase the full EP today via Juno. PS in case you missed it - Fit Of Body, TWINS, Jay Simon, Divine Interface, and Stefan Ringer recently all represented Atlanta and CGI Records for Boiler Room's Topman Neighborhood series. Watch all their awesome sets over here.

Also :: Fit of Body's label Harsh Riddims recently got a collaborative release on 2MR Records. For the first time ever both of Harsh Riddims cassette compilations see vinyl pressing, featuring some the best of what ATL's underground has to offer. It also has unreleased tracks from Cringe Machine as well as a TWINS remix of Love Letters'! Listen in full below and pre-order it here. It will be released on Nov 4th.

Previously :: stream :: Fit of Body - Health Is Wealth Vol.1

Monday, October 10, 2016

Isabella & Bergsonist on Börft

Boston and Brooklyn machine enthusiasts - Isabella and Bergsonist prep their Split EP for Sweden based imprint Börft. The four track record is equipped with Isabella's acid jacked formulations on the A side and Bergsonist's muffled hypnotizing techno on the flip. The EP is out on November 28th, stay up to date on the release here. Listen to previews below...


Also :: Take a listen to Isabella's mental live set at The Black Lodge earlier this year...

Friday, October 7, 2016

DECKast #63 x Zeadron

Last time we blogged about Zeadron it was about four years ago as a first listen premiere for his stellar track 'ODRAVE'. Since then, the SoCal native has been on a bit of a hiatus of releasing any official material but has been readily experimenting with new sounds and crafting unique productions. With recently living in Japan and now studying in the UK, Zeadron's musical approach has evolved and become a lot more focused. Throughout this mix he has crafted for this issue of the DECKast he navigates through his recent inspirations and some undeniably classic "old skool" rave tracks that directly correlate to some of the unreleased tracks he has melded into the mix.  Read what he had to say about the mix below and listen to it's entirety...

"Zeadron mix (redTruss1) on That's Deck for your fix of slamming hard house, raw acid and techno/house beats, old skool rave and dark grime breaks. This mix also contains three unreleased tracks by myself. Enjoy..."

The Gherkin Jerks - Red Planet
Zomby & Actress - Tropic114
Zeadron (unreleased) - Rikk Blood
X-Marks the Pedwalk - Mirthless Knick Knack
DJ Disciple - 10 Steps To Heaven
Zeadron (unreleased) - Moment
Urban Tribe - orbitals
Universal Indicator - Untitled
Clouds - The Rights of Artificial Life Form Original Mix
Bloody Ice - Firehouse
DJ Work - Bamboozal (George Centeno's Abstracted Remix)
Fun Team DJ's - Party Alarm
Da Tekno Warriors - Da Beat
Zeadron (unreleased) - Pusher-q
General LOK - Elmo Riddim
SATIN STORM - Let's Get Together
Sound Corp - Chicken Killer
Nebula II - Peace Maker

Friday, September 9, 2016

download :: Daniel Klauser - Escape From

Daniel Klauser follows his stellar album, S.D.W.F., from earlier this year with a new EP called, Escape From, out now on Jungle Gym Records. Acidic vibrations and fluid rhythmic patterns throughout this. Download at a 'name your price deal' on bandcamp.

Previously :: Daniel Klauser - S.D.W.F.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Listen :: Akasha System & Foans on 100% Silk

Two brand new cassettes from our favorite L.A. label, 100% Silk this week. The first one comes from Cascadia, Oregon based producer, Akasha System. Formerly known for his work under Opaline for the past couple years on several labels, the young producer has recently been self-releasing tracks under his new alias. Akasha System furthers his new journey through sound with an upcoming 6-track tape titled, Vague Response. Our first listen into 'Afterimage' from the release is a unique feel into the moodiness and hazy house alterations that sing throughout this calming and appeasing soundtrack Akasha System has fabricated.

Vague Response is out on cassette and digital August 5th via 100% Silk.

Tracklist ::
1. Motion
2. Afterimage
3. Caves
4. Vague Response
5. Muted
6. Last Call

The second release this week on 100% Silk comes from Colorado based producer, Foans. Indebted to his nocturnal hardware formulations since about 2013, Mr. Dahabrah follows his exceptional album from last year on Danish label, Speaker Footage. The new album titled, Frontier, might just be some of Foans best work to date. Our first listen into 'Lakeside' off the cassette nicely pockets Foans' funky bassline and whirling chords that resonate throughout the 8-track cerebral boogie down that Foans has successfully wired and coalesced.

Frontier is out on cassette and digital August 5th via 100% Silk.

Tracklist ::
1. Frontier
2. Veracruz
3. Lakeside
4. Manitou
5. Depression/Regression
6. Bring it Here
7. Heavy Traffic
8. Late Nineties Vein

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DECKast #62 x Moiety

L.A. has a lot of interesting people doing interesting things whether it's trying to pursue their dreams as an artist, musician, yogi, or even being a bartender. There are many options to be able to express yourself and pursue your passions without having to take an obvious route thanks to today's online resources. Jesse Sappell aka Moiety is one L.A. resident who is pursuing his passion through the recent launch of his own record label, Motion Ward. His curation thus far for the imprint has been flawless, shedding light upon two rising L.A. artists, Brown Irvin and Social Service, who explore a similar hazy lo-fi electronic sound.

Moiety is not only a curator for the label but also DJs and produces music of his own music which we will hopefully hear soon on the imprint. We flagged Jesse down to make a mix for this issue in the DECKast series. Strikingly different from most DECKasts, Moiety dusts off his classic ambient records and compiles hypnotzing tracks from Cocteau Twins, Gas, Alessandro Cortini, and more. Its a beautiful mix exploring otherworldly tonalities and textures, steeping the listener into a transcendental state of mind combating self-reflection in a cosmic space. Read what he had to say and listen to it below...

"Wanted to make a mix that people could do things like fall asleep or read to. Music that acts like a mood in the room that you can pay attention to or let linger in the background."

Tracklist ::
Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd - Memory Gongs
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon Part 2
Long John Nebel: The Flying Saucer Story
Ewan Jansen - Ethernet
Gas - Koenigsforst 6
Aleks - Dusk
Dimitris Petsetakis - Liquid
Beautyon - To Swil Ping
Stephan Mathieu, Taylor Deupree - Largo
Alessandro Cortini - Dell' Influenza
Mark Pritchard - EMS
Biosphere - Hyperborea
Raymond Scott - Space Mystery (Montage)
Klara Lewis - Shine
AshtreJinkins - Snowscope
Raymond Scott - Bendix 2: 'The Tomorrow People'

Also :: If you are in the Los Angeles area this Friday June 24th, Motion Ward will be having it's first label night in celebration of Social Service's new release, SS1. He will be joined by fellow label mate, Brown Irvin doing an ambient set, and also L.A. selectors Force Placement (The Black Lodge) and Tim Jones (Time No Place) going back to back with Moiety. RSVP for location here!

Previously :: Social Service - SS1

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mall Grab launches Steel City Dance Discs

Australia based Mall Grab has quickly made a name for himself since his catchy, 'can't (get u outta my mind)', surfaced on the web last year. With a bunch of gigs under his belt and new productions in the works, Mall Grab will debut his new imprint Steel City Dance Discs, with two new bangers of his own. While 'Father' is drenched in feel-good vibes, 'Can't Take It No More' screams summertime and celebration. This feel-good summertime record will be available on limited press vinyl July 20th. Pre-order it today through Shall Not Fade bandcamp.

Also :: check out this recent remix he did for Dro Carey...

music video :: Personable - 'Gambetti'

L.A. based modular synth wizard, M. Geddes Gengras' side project as Personable will see his second release on Opal Tapes later this week. The four track production entitled, Oyster, further affirms his long time practice with the art of synthesis, and his ability to play freely without structure or parameters.  Check out this fan made video for 'Gambetti' above and stream 'Cormorant' below...

Personable's Oyster is out on Opal Tapes, June 24th.

Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist - Wandering Eye

Aria Rostami teams up with fellow SF musician, Daniel Blomquist, for six-piece album entitled, Wandering Eye, on Glacial Movements. Inspired by the exchange of communication through technology and its repetition to decay; the ambient duo craft six ten-minute tracks whose song titles come from a paper published by Saunders et al. titled, "Where is the best site on Earth?" The paper highlights the best places to observe space from the Antarctic Plateau, which is a gateway to observe other worlds. This soundtrack is insanely fitting for those scenic landscapes, that are very telling of time, entropy, and decay - some of the central factors in Rostami and Blomquist's work.

While 'Dome A' and 'Dome B' were recorded live in planetarium dome to no audience, 'Dome C' and 'Dome F' were constructed through back and forth editing between the producers until an articulate track was crafted. A lot of the material on this release has Rostami's elegant piano playing which was created by a simple questionnaire that Rostami made using letters, colors, numbers, major verse minor, and picking between flat, natural and sharp to arrange a composition. From rendering sound recordings through the app Viber to processing field recordings through concentrated looping, the duo fabricates a one of kind ambient album that takes the listener on a journey through space and time, digital and analog, and all of it's withering beauty.

Wandering Eye is available now on Glacial Movements via digital and CD. Stream and purchase on bandcamp...

Previously :: Aria Rostami - Agnys