Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stefan Ringer - 'bossa grv'

Coming in hot with the 'bossa grv', Stefan Ringer makes his debut on the ever credible Argot label based out of Chicago. The record will be available on May 20th, but is now up on soundcloud for stream. There's no doubt that Stefan's productions have evolved over the years; in most recent times his sound has been picking up more and more well-deserved accreditation. Earlier this year he released the Stimulate EP on 2MR and now he has this beautiful record out later this month, which is increasingly becoming a new favorite. Listen up and get lost into Ringer's sultry house jam...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sage Caswell on 2MR

2MR records has been relentlessly putting out records over the past couple months from a talented array of hard-working producers including Stefan Ringer, Mike Simonetti, and Pale Blue. Los Angeles favorite Sage Caswell joins their roster following his recent EP, House of Jeans on Huxley's No Idea's Original imprint.

Surface Tracks 1 is a 4-track release with Sage's undeniable cerebral house antics. With the sifting drums and uplifting keys in 'Actraiser' to the tribal tom techno number, 'You Can Waste My Time', the a-side is gripping and repeatable. The b-side continues with aquatic felt house patterns in '99 Goodbye' and closes out with the chilled-out mind-wandering refresher 'Scenario Day'. You can grab this record and download the digitals now from 2MR records, it will be available everywhere else May 20th.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Awalom Gebremariam - 'Aadu'

Awesome Tapes From Africa is at it again with the rare otherworldly cuts. This time around from Eritrean vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Awalom Gebremariam. Awalom finished his first and only recording in 2007, right before he left his hometown Asmara, which is the capital of Eritrea, to come to America. He has had a long journey to the States trying to escape the economic and political turmoil that shrouded his home. Awalom's music sounds ever so joyous and loving, almost like celebratory hymns.

He his now living in North Carolina, working in a restaurant and plans to expose his deep rooted classical Eritrean sound across North America. Thanks to Awesome Tapes From Africa that plan is coming to fruition and the East African musician will have his tape, Desdes, reissued on CD / Digital / Vinyl via ATFA April 15th. Pre-order it here. Stream 'Aadu' off the album below...

heavy rotation :: Studio OST - Scenes 2012-2015

Alvin Aronson and Galcher Lustwerk of White Material collaborate on new project as Studio OST. Garnering inspiration from utopian science fiction, the duo makes music for the future transcending their melancholic techno formulations into a deep space saturated in industrial tones and textures. These productions made between 2012-2015 were their escape from the harshness of New York city, where they recorded it all. Post-dancefloor day-dreaming feels all over this. Check out their recent interview with The Fader. The debut record is available now on digital through Lustwerk Music, and the vinyl can be pre-ordered here, stream the whole thing below.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Peggy Gou for 2016

Originally from Seoul South Korea, Peggy Gou moved to Berlin to work on music wholeheartedly a couple years ago. From working in a record store to being surrounded by influential people like Daniel Wang in her neighborhood, Peggy Gou has been making progress in crafting a distinct sound. 2016 she makes her mark with already two records on the market; Day Without Yesterday / Six O Six out on Phonica White Label and Art of War EP out now on Rekids. Her dreams are finally becoming a reality and hopefully she will be the first Korean female to DJ at Berghain as she mentions in her recent Dummy interview.

Her newest record Art of War Pt.II features two new originals, 'Jen High' & 'When Round, They Go'. L.I.E.S. producer Terreke serves up a rework of 'When Round, They Go' that is absolutely on point, and does the original justice. From funky basslines to fleeting body moving satisfaction on 'Jen High' to the phasing cerebral 303 melodies in 'When Round, They Go' it is clear that across all of Peggy's records put out this year, she is versatile in her house, techno, acid influenced musicality. Peggy's making waves, and she is here to stay. The Art of War Pt.II EP is out April 8th on Rekids. Stream all the tracks off the new release below courtesy of XLR8R, Inverted Audio, and i-D...

Coyote Clean Up - Hormones and Horoscopes Vol.1

Former DECKast contributor and all around Detroit favorite, Coyote Clean Up aka Ice Cold Chrissy put out a new mixtape on bandcamp called Hormones and Horoscopes Volume 1. A lot of old and new tracks on this, exploring Chrissy's signature trip-hop dreamy house beats and techno noir shoegaze bliss. Never disappointing sounds from this guy, therapeutic textures and melodies throughout this new release of his. Stream below and download the whole mixtape at a 'name your price deal' via bandcamp...

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Neo Violence V.A. compilation

Prague based Neo Violence has a new compilation out in light of the new year featuring Various Artists around the globe. The label has had a good run of releases thus far and this second VA compilation of theirs showcases that lo-fi induced house, acid, electro flavor that they are all about. Label head Dmit.ry did a fantastic job using his tasteful ears to compile this 20-track assortment of gratifying productions.

So many new names on this one it's overwhelming; former DECKast contributor Jupiter Jax has a new track called, 'Under The Trees' on the compilation that just happens to be one of my favorites. Jupiter Jax is set to have a release on Neo Violence later this year, keep your eyes peeled. Check out the video for 'Under The Trees' below and get this whole release at a 'name your price' deal through bandcamp.

Urulu on That's Deck radio

LA/Berlin transplant, Amadeus Records curator, and recent Voyage Recordings contributor - Urulu stopped by the studio 3-7-16. Catch his stellar guest mix below. No tracklist. His tour kicks off today at As You Like It in SF w/ Ben Klock, DVS1, and Jacques Renault.

4.1 - As You Like It - San Francisco, CA
4.15 - Datcha - Montréal, CAN
4.16 - Wrongbar - Toronto CAN
4.23 - Chalet Club "Official" - Berlin, DE
4.29 - De Chinastraat - Ghent, BE
4.30 - The WE Festival - Maastricht, NL
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Daniel Klauser - S.D.W.F.

Recent DECKast contributor, Daniel Klauser, just released his album Slow Dance With Friends on Diamante Records. This release has been long awaited from the Santiago Chilean, who has been producing music and throwing parties for several years now. His new album explores a variety of rhythms and melodies that showcase his versatility and dreamy induced productions. From the heavy hip-hop grain in 'Wrong Direction', 'Chopped Drama', and 'Zodiac Interlude' to the lo-fi moody house arrangements in 'Take Away The Pain', 'Dance To This', 'Strugles', and 'Sentir' - there is a gripping haze that circulates throughout this album. Cuts for the dancefloor and bangers for the bedroom. Grab S.D.W.F. now on digital and listen below...

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Aria Rostami - Agnys

Spring Theory alum, Aria Rostami is back with a new LP emotionally charged by the loss of his former production partner/roommate/friend Shawn Dickerson and the hyper-connectedness of today's tech savvy society. Without a rhyme or reason, it is true that this SF based producer has had these ideas conveyed in his previous record on Audiobulb entitled, Sibbe. While that release was filled with drowning noise and contemplative aggression - Agnys, carries a more light hearted uplifting aesthetic.

Channeling ambient tones and textures in a techno syncopation and transcending the pair into a pure fluid state of being. Rostami crafts 6 tracks in a dreamy haze pushing a sonic nostalgic experience. From the upbeat poppy A-sides to the deep minimalistic B-sides, Aria showcases his upmost versatility and undeniable musicality throughout this one. Listen and purchase, Agnys now through Spring Theory's bandcamp...

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Harsh Riddims Vol.2

Atlanta's Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Casette Co. just put out their second volume of select tracks from rising underground talent in ATL. While many of the tracks are from HR all-stars including, REKchampa, Divine Interface, and Bluntfang, the compilation introduces several new national and international artists to the roster. The 16-track compilation offers grungy bedroom/dancefloor ready electronics for the open-minded. Ranging from post rap-punk instrumentation to lo-fi bass variations, the collection of tracks are ever so entertaining. Real, raw, and blood sucking. Grab Harsh Riddims Volume 2 now at a 'name your price' deal on bandcamp...

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Force Placement - Coursing

That's Deck contributor, Black Lodge resident, and RWD.FM DJ, Jason James has been a long time music selector in Los Angeles and in most recent years has been producing music as Force Placement. L.A. 909 just put out his second EP, Coursing, following his Pay No Mind EP that released in June of last year.

This new one is equipped with four tracks that are beautifully layered in atmospherics and rudimentary rhythms switching on moods to listen closer and think deeper. 'Coursing' speaks in garage tongues 'In the Midst' of the bass blues and restless haze. While 'Buried Alive' tosses and turns awakening spirits, Force Placement leaves the 'Rest Up' up to you to decide. Buy the EP now at a 'name your price' deal on bandcamp and stream it below...

Also :: Be sure to catch Force Placement at The Black Lodge 1 year anniversary next Saturday March 5th at Hyperion Tavern w/ Claude Young and Nomadico. Claude Young will be doing a workshop prior to the event put on by Nomadico's Yaxteq Lab. Don't miss, limited capacity!!

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

heavy rotation :: Urulu - Greetings from Namek

Taylor Freels aka Urulu joins Melbourne based Voyage Recordings with his new EP Greetings From Namek. It's been a while since we have heard new material from Urulu but it has definitely been worth the wait. With his move from Los Angeles to Berlin a couple years ago, Urulu's sound has evolved immensely, taking influence from his new environments and overseas travels.

This 4-track EP definitely affirms to that notion, taking the listener on a cosmic journey through deep space and time to a planet called Namek. All the cuts on the release are danceable yet gratifyingly thought-provoking with Urulu's dreamy lush synth instrumentation. Loads of hooking four by four drums and pungent bass sequences throughout this one, making it difficult to point out a favorite. Greetings from Namek will be on heavy rotation for a while, I highly recommend it. The record is currently sold out through most online retailers but another 500 repress are in the works. Be sure to pre-order here or stream it in the meantime.

Also ::  Catch Urulu live in the mix on EMS Radio Monday March 7th, 2016 between 9PM - 11PM PST! He has a couple tour dates stateside before he heads back to Berlin, check them out below.

4.1 - As You Like It - San Francisco, CA
4.15 - Datcha - Montréal, CAN
4.16 - Wrongbar - Toronto CAN
4.23 - Chalet Club "Official" - Berlin, DE
4.29 - De Chinastraat - Ghent, BE
4.30 - The WE Festival - Maastricht, NL

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Black Lodge on That's Deck Radio

The Black Lodge fam, Force Placement and Kosmik came through the radio station for a special B2B2B2B session in prep for our party that went down on Jan.22 w/ 2AM/FM (LIVE) - CHARLES MANIER - FANON FLOWERS.

(** Tracklist consists of mainly all 2AM/FM, JTC, Charles Manier, D'Marc Cantu, Fanon Flowers**)

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Guyer's Connection on Crash Symbols

Originally released on Medical Records in 2012, the archive compilation from Swiss duo, Guyer's Connection gets redistributed thanks to cassette label Crash Symbols. Rediscovered and reworked 4-track recordings spanning from 1982-84, both Tibor Csebits and Philippe Alioth were in their teen years when they recorded these tracks exclusively on two synths and a drum-machine. Experimenting and formulating a new wave pop minimal sound full of humor and glamour, this is a fun blast from the past inside and out. Grab it on digital or cassette below...