Friday, September 9, 2016

download :: Daniel Klauser - Escape From

Daniel Klauser follows his stellar album, S.D.W.F., from earlier this year with a new EP called, Escape From, out now on Jungle Gym Records. Acidic vibrations and fluid rhythmic patterns throughout this. Download at a 'name your price deal' on bandcamp.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Listen :: Akasha System & Foans on 100% Silk

Two brand new cassettes from our favorite L.A. label, 100% Silk this week. The first one comes from Cascadia, Oregon based producer, Akasha System. Formerly known for his work under Opaline for the past couple years on several labels, the young producer has recently been self-releasing tracks under his new alias. Akasha System furthers his new journey through sound with an upcoming 6-track tape titled, Vague Response. Our first listen into 'Afterimage' from the release is a unique feel into the moodiness and hazy house alterations that sing throughout this calming and appeasing soundtrack Akasha System has fabricated.

Vague Response is out on cassette and digital August 5th via 100% Silk.

Tracklist ::
1. Motion
2. Afterimage
3. Caves
4. Vague Response
5. Muted
6. Last Call

The second release this week on 100% Silk comes from Colorado based producer, Foans. Indebted to his nocturnal hardware formulations since about 2013, Mr. Dahabrah follows his exceptional album from last year on Danish label, Speaker Footage. The new album titled, Frontier, might just be some of Foans best work to date. Our first listen into 'Lakeside' off the cassette nicely pockets Foans' funky bassline and whirling chords that resonate throughout the 8-track cerebral boogie down that Foans has successfully wired and coalesced.

Frontier is out on cassette and digital August 5th via 100% Silk.

Tracklist ::
1. Frontier
2. Veracruz
3. Lakeside
4. Manitou
5. Depression/Regression
6. Bring it Here
7. Heavy Traffic
8. Late Nineties Vein

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DECKast #62 x Moiety

L.A. has a lot of interesting people doing interesting things whether it's trying to pursue their dreams as an artist, musician, yogi, or even being a bartender. There are many options to be able to express yourself and pursue your passions without having to take an obvious route thanks to today's online resources. Jesse Sappell aka Moiety is one L.A. resident who is pursuing his passion through the recent launch of his own record label, Motion Ward. His curation thus far for the imprint has been flawless, shedding light upon two rising L.A. artists, Brown Irvin and Social Service, who explore a similar hazy lo-fi electronic sound.

Moiety is not only a curator for the label but also DJs and produces music of his own music which we will hopefully hear soon on the imprint. We flagged Jesse down to make a mix for this issue in the DECKast series. Strikingly different from most DECKasts, Moiety dusts off his classic ambient records and compiles hypnotzing tracks from Cocteau Twins, Gas, Alessandro Cortini, and more. Its a beautiful mix exploring otherworldly tonalities and textures, steeping the listener into a transcendental state of mind combating self-reflection in a cosmic space. Read what he had to say and listen to it below...

"Wanted to make a mix that people could do things like fall asleep or read to. Music that acts like a mood in the room that you can pay attention to or let linger in the background."

Tracklist ::
Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd - Memory Gongs
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon Part 2
Long John Nebel: The Flying Saucer Story
Ewan Jansen - Ethernet
Gas - Koenigsforst 6
Aleks - Dusk
Dimitris Petsetakis - Liquid
Beautyon - To Swil Ping
Stephan Mathieu, Taylor Deupree - Largo
Alessandro Cortini - Dell' Influenza
Mark Pritchard - EMS
Biosphere - Hyperborea
Raymond Scott - Space Mystery (Montage)
Klara Lewis - Shine
AshtreJinkins - Snowscope
Raymond Scott - Bendix 2: 'The Tomorrow People'

Also :: If you are in the Los Angeles area this Friday June 24th, Motion Ward will be having it's first label night in celebration of Social Service's new release, SS1. He will be joined by fellow label mate, Brown Irvin doing an ambient set, and also L.A. selectors Force Placement (The Black Lodge) and Tim Jones (Time No Place) going back to back with Moiety. RSVP for location here!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mall Grab launches Steel City Dance Discs

Australia based Mall Grab has quickly made a name for himself since his catchy, 'can't (get u outta my mind)', surfaced on the web last year. With a bunch of gigs under his belt and new productions in the works, Mall Grab will debut his new imprint Steel City Dance Discs, with two new bangers of his own. While 'Father' is drenched in feel-good vibes, 'Can't Take It No More' screams summertime and celebration. This feel-good summertime record will be available on limited press vinyl July 20th. Pre-order it today through Shall Not Fade bandcamp.

Also :: check out this recent remix he did for Dro Carey...

music video :: Personable - 'Gambetti'

L.A. based modular synth wizard, M. Geddes Gengras' side project as Personable will see his second release on Opal Tapes later this week. The four track production entitled, Oyster, further affirms his long time practice with the art of synthesis, and his ability to play freely without structure or parameters.  Check out this fan made video for 'Gambetti' above and stream 'Cormorant' below...

Personable's Oyster is out on Opal Tapes, June 24th.

Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist - Wandering Eye

Aria Rostami teams up with fellow SF musician, Daniel Blomquist, for six-piece album entitled, Wandering Eye, on Glacial Movements. Inspired by the exchange of communication through technology and its repetition to decay; the ambient duo craft six ten-minute tracks whose song titles come from a paper published by Saunders et al. titled, "Where is the best site on Earth?" The paper highlights the best places to observe space from the Antarctic Plateau, which is a gateway to observe other worlds. This soundtrack is insanely fitting for those scenic landscapes, that are very telling of time, entropy, and decay - some of the central factors in Rostami and Blomquist's work.

While 'Dome A' and 'Dome B' were recorded live in planetarium dome to no audience, 'Dome C' and 'Dome F' were constructed through back and forth editing between the producers until an articulate track was crafted. A lot of the material on this release has Rostami's elegant piano playing which was created by a simple questionnaire that Rostami made using letters, colors, numbers, major verse minor, and picking between flat, natural and sharp to arrange a composition. From rendering sound recordings through the app Viber to processing field recordings through concentrated looping, the duo fabricates a one of kind ambient album that takes the listener on a journey through space and time, digital and analog, and all of it's withering beauty.

Wandering Eye is available now on Glacial Movements via digital and CD. Stream and purchase on bandcamp...

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First Listen :: Isabella - 'Pressing' [Jacktone Records]

Boston based artist Isabella Koen aka Isabella preps her debut full length album, Viscous Positions, on Jacktone Records later this month. Isabella's work primarily up till now have been unreleased experiments on soundcloud along with a few stellar guest mixes and live recordings. This year a large body of that work will finally be materialized not only through this 9-track album but also an upcoming tape releasing late this June on Embalming Lately as well as a split EP with Bergonist on Börft Records later this year. A couple days ago Kansas based 1221 put out her track 'better luck next time' in part of their second various artist compilation via bandcamp.

Her hardware driven acid techno improvisations are refreshing to hear and much needed in this predominately male leading genre. Isabella's bold and fearless productions explore the dark side of bass built techno and jacking 303 modulations. Today we are happy to premiere 'Pressing' off the upcoming album, a sticky almost paralyzing number that sound the sirens to wake up from the dream position and into the active mind state. Shots of energy firing like firecrackers. This one is 'Pressing' for attention and a great teaser of what to expect from the rest of this album. Following the debut Isabella will be doing a three week tour around the states and Canada, find her dates here.

Viscous Positions will be available on cassette/digital June 23rd via Jacktone Records bandcamp.

Tracklist ::
01 Living Accents
02 Schuld
03 Jousta
04 Cloying Traces
05 Cheap Acid Boots

01 Rich Tolerance
02 Untitled
03 Mu/timode
04 Pressing

Project Pablo - Beaubien Dream

Brand new heat from Project Pablo on Montreal based SOBO, just in time for summer.  Beaubien Dream initiates the very first release for this imprint and follows Project Pablo's most recent EP, Priorities, on Magic Wire. All three tracks on this new EP are written and produced by Patrick Holland aka Project Pablo with special accompaniment on the title track from R. Seydel on Guitar and J. Dabrowski on the bass.

All three tracks are unique in their warm melodies and harmonies, with laid-out chords and ornately draped rhythmic patterns. Collectively this feel-good 'Beaubien Dream' will have you free of worry and without a doubt in mind. The summer daze is in full effect. Watch the super chill security cam music video for 'Royal Plus' below. Grab the the EP on digital via SOBO's bandcamp, vinyl is currently sold out through Juno and Redeye.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Social Service - SS1

L.A. based record label Motion Ward has been making big strides since it's first release last year with Brown Irvin. The imprint recently signed up with Lobster Theremin's international vinyl distributor, Lobster Distribution, which has immensely helped spread word about the debut from Los Angeles producer, Social Service. The five track EP titled, SS1, just came out on limited 12" with an insanely cool custom lithograph insert made by the talented Ingo Geizendanner.

The a-side starts off with 'Chamber' a nine and a half minute opener luring all thoughts and feelings into a turbine of engulfing beats and superlative ambient magic. This seamlessly goes into 'Starlight', an emotionally sealed dubbed out house rocket lifting you to outer-space and beyond. Closing out the a-side, 'Late Feeling' continues Social Service's narrative, by carrying the reoccurring atmospheric phasing throughout previous tracks and pairing it with some turbulent acid instrumentation. The b-side leads with 'Stolen', a wonderfully organized rhythmic cadence, and closes out with 'Hex', a distorted noise-filled hymn.

Stream 'Chamber' and 'Late Feeling' exclusively below via Watch The Hype and Inverted Audio. Preview the entire EP here.

SS1 is available now on 12"/digital through Motion Ward's bandcamp or can be pre-ordered through the following...
Decks :
Pacific Beach:
Deejay :
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

First Listen :: Jupiter Jax - 'Attractor Dreamin'

Rudi Agius aka Jupiter Jax answered some questions and made a mix for us last year upon his stellar LP on 100% Silk entitled, Visions. Since then his sound has spread like a wildfire and has been moving up in the charts. With releases on Nous, Opal Tapes, and an upcoming on Deeptrax Records next month, Agius has been consistent with his production and relentlessly hustling to get his pleasing electronic creations out to a wider audience.

His upcoming EP, Never Again, on Neo Violence has five tracks exploring lo-fi dreamy house with deep melodic tones and textures in low-slung time signatures. Making Waves Underground recently premiered the star track, 'Just How U Do', off the EP - check out the hazy mind-bending music video for it below. The closing track on the EP, 'Attractor Dreamin' follows this fantasy induced aesthetic leading listeners in with it's cascading chords and stretched out melancholy whines and howls. Definitely attracting all those deep emotions into therapeutic dreaming. It's a lovely EP through and through.

Stream 'Attractor Dreamin' exclusively below as apart of our First Listen series. Listen to previews of the entire EP here. Jupiter Jax Never Again EP is out May 22nd exclusively on digital via Neo Violence's bandcamp.

Previously :: DECKast #58 x Jupiter Jax

Jacktone Records

Established in San Francisco during 2013, Jacktone Records pressed it's first release on vinyl. Since then the label has evolved in putting out releases not only through digital / 12" but also limited edition cassette tapes and 7". Label heads Doc Sleep (Host of Jacktone Radio on Intergalactic FM every Wednesday) & Darren Cutlip (dabecy) are passionate about their craft, giving listeners an opportunity to purchase eccentric listening experiences through various mediums, in which the physical releases are creatively packaged and delivered.

Formerly based out of SF but now being run out of Berlin and Detroit, both curators have had their ears to the ground far and wide enabling them to carefully showcase a wide variety of under the radar talent from the Bay Area and beyond. All of the artists on the imprint push an electronic sound that is rightfully underground for the mind as much as it is on the dancefloor. Three of the most recent releases on the label originate from Northern California artists; with both Roche and Lavender from San Francisco and Russell E.L. Butler from Oakland.

Roche has been in the game for the past couple of years putting out records on quality labels such as Mathematics, Icee Hot, and 100% Silk. This 3-track EP on Jacktone entitled, AXT, is definitely some of his best work up to date. Continuing on his psychedelic house tip he will have you in a 'Circadian Rhythm' without 'Congé' in a 'AXT' haze through time, space, and reality. Purchase and listen in full here.

Probably one of the most exciting producers to come up on our radar recently, Russell E.L. Butler, follows his critically acclaimed album, God Is Change on Opal Tapes from last year, with this new one called, Visions of the Future. The 7-track album shines light on Russell's impeccably moody instrumentation and improvisations through hardware electronics and drum machines. Raw and gritty, acid and analog. Jacking into the future and beyond. Highly recommend these visions. Purchase and listen in full here.

Jacktone's most recent release comes from label veteran, Lavender, who put out his debut, Mystique Youth on the imprint last year. His new compositions are sequenced in a 12-track soundtrack of dark scenic landscapes and ambient noise that wither and mummer in the Horizons Beneath The Surface. It's a slow burner. Purchase and listen in full here.

Stay up to date with Jacktone Records:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

First Listen :: Matthew Oh - 'Get in the Fridge'

Dutch imprint Taped Artifact preps it's fourth release featuring Italy's Serendipity Club regular and Outlaw Rec boss, Matthew Oh. Label heads, Kevin Arnemann and Daan Kemp continue to curate a tasteful roster of deep atmospheric indebted artists, making Matthew Oh a brilliant addition to the team. The Psycho Hub EP lays out three tracks that follow Mr. Oh's cosmic techno aesthetic.

Starting off with the title track 'Psycho Hub', Matthew constructs a charismatic composition that phases in and out of the ears with it's dubbed out basslines and confidently sprawling synth stabs. This leads into 'Shroud', which falls deep and dark into a vast abyss of spatial noise and relentless hi-hat paradiddles, that march on a techno rhythmic regime. The EP closes out with 'Get in the Fridge', a phrase taken from a scene in the G.I. Joe cartoon from back in the day. Segments of the 44 second scene are sampled throughout this down-tempo dub cadence, evoking a nature filled atmosphere with distant bird chirps and sedative reverberations like the wind. It's thought-provoking and incredibly relaxing.

Stream 'Get in the Fridge' exclusively below as apart of our First Listen series. Listen to the entire record over here. Matthew's Psycho Hub EP is out on May 13th.  Pre-order on vinyl and digital via Taped Artifact's bandcamp.

Also available through:

Tracklist ::
1. Psycho Hub
2. Shroud
3. Get in the Fridge

Monday, May 9, 2016

Project Pablo - Priorities

Project Pablo’s recent EP Priorities takes you on a foggy voyage through an array of electrical wonder moods. His EP on Magic Wire largely feels like a continuum of the album I Want To Believe. The celestial sounds of "Evening Call" will have you nostalgic for the future, while “Warm Priorities” will drive you there, blasting past blue, maroon, and crimson cosmic mist. The tracks on the release are ones that keeps you grounded in a dream-like state. It also has a touch of emotional complexity, which is an effect that lingers throughout “About to Leave”. If his last album I Want To Believe was just the beginning, Priorities is a promise there’s more to come.

The 12" is currently sold out but a repress is coming June 1st. Get the digital in the meantime via bandcamp.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Los Angeles - May 6th & May 7th

If you think Los Angeles is boring you definitely aren't looking in the right places. This Friday May 6th Far Away is back with a special all night affair featuring Vancouver based Mood Hut all-stars Pender Street Steppers going B2B with Washington D.C. based Beautiful Swimmers of Future Times. The duos will be going back to back all night long which is going to be a spectacular experience not to be missed. RSVP for location of party and get those early bird tickets via Restless Nites before its too late. Listen to the type of vibes that will be brought below...

Then on Saturday May 7th the monthly Black Lodge party will go down at the intimate Hyperion Tavern. The night's guests will include As You Like It / Redline resident Mike Gushansky, Saskian Recordings founder Draveng doing a live set, and L.A. sweetheart Sage Caswell rounding off the bill. Sage will also be playing at Lights Down Low later on this evening with Omar S at a TBA location. As per usual BL residents Kosmik and Force Placement will be hosting and warming up the evening. Find all the info you need to know over here about the event, it's FREE so you have no excuse.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Azna De L'Ader - Zabaya

I have always been a huge fan of Afro-rock sounds especially as the season of summer approaches. Portland-based label Sahel Sounds, shows off archived recordings from Niger's most famous unknown band, Azna De L'Ader.  The latest release contains some of the most raw and real afro marinated psych-rock I have heard to date. These are some of the group's only recordings left and first physical release.

Heavily influenced by Western style rock, Azna De L'ader was at the forefront of being the first generation of modern music in their remote region of Niger. Fusing authentic West-African time signatures and harnessing their upbeat drums in a psychedelic manner, they weren't afraid to harmonize two different worlds of music and make them work as one. Listen to what I mean below and watch a live performance of the group rocking to, 'Zabaya', in what looks like a sold out show.

The LP is available now on 12" and digital via Sahel Sounds bandcamp.

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