Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Social Service - SS1

L.A. based record label Motion Ward has been making big strides since it's first release last year with Brown Irvin. The imprint recently signed up with Lobster Theremin's international vinyl distributor, Lobster Distribution, which has immensely helped spread word about the debut from Los Angeles producer, Social Service. The five track EP titled, SS1, just came out on limited 12" with an insanely cool custom lithograph insert made by the talented Ingo Geizendanner.

The a-side starts off with 'Chamber' a nine and a half minute opener luring all thoughts and feelings into a turbine of engulfing beats and superlative ambient magic. This seamlessly goes into 'Starlight', an emotionally sealed dubbed out house rocket lifting you to outer-space and beyond. Closing out the a-side, 'Late Feeling' continues Social Service's narrative, by carrying the reoccurring atmospheric phasing throughout previous tracks and pairing it with some turbulent acid instrumentation. The b-side leads with 'Stolen', a wonderfully organized rhythmic cadence, and closes out with 'Hex', a distorted noise-filled hymn.

Stream 'Chamber' and 'Late Feeling' exclusively below via Watch The Hype and Inverted Audio. Preview the entire EP here.

SS1 is available now on 12"/digital through Motion Ward's bandcamp or can be pre-ordered through the following...
Clone: clone.nl/item39268.html
Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/social-service-ss1/604791-01/
Decks : www.decks.de/t/social_service-ss1/c6v-jh
Pacific Beach: www.pbvinyl.com/products/social-service-ss1
Redeye: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/72124-mw002-social-service-ss1
Deejay : http://www.deejay.de/MW002_-_Social_Service_-_Ss1_-_12inch__220231
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

First Listen :: Jupiter Jax - 'Attractor Dreamin'

Rudi Agius aka Jupiter Jax answered some questions and made a mix for us last year upon his stellar LP on 100% Silk entitled, Visions. Since then his sound has spread like a wildfire and has been moving up in the charts. With releases on Nous, Opal Tapes, and an upcoming on Deeptrax Records next month, Agius has been consistent with his production and relentlessly hustling to get his pleasing electronic creations out to a wider audience.

His upcoming EP, Never Again, on Neo Violence has five tracks exploring lo-fi dreamy house with deep melodic tones and textures in low-slung time signatures. Making Waves Underground recently premiered the star track, 'Just How U Do', off the EP - check out the hazy mind-bending music video for it below. The closing track on the EP, 'Attractor Dreamin' follows this fantasy induced aesthetic leading listeners in with it's cascading chords and stretched out melancholy whines and howls. Definitely attracting all those deep emotions into therapeutic dreaming. It's a lovely EP through and through.

Stream 'Attractor Dreamin' exclusively below as apart of our First Listen series. Listen to previews of the entire EP here. Jupiter Jax Never Again EP is out May 22nd exclusively on digital via Neo Violence's bandcamp.

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Jacktone Records

Established in San Francisco during 2013, Jacktone Records pressed it's first release on vinyl. Since then the label has evolved in putting out releases not only through digital / 12" but also limited edition cassette tapes and 7". Label heads Doc Sleep (Host of Jacktone Radio on Intergalactic FM every Wednesday) & Darren Cutlip (dabecy) are passionate about their craft, giving listeners an opportunity to purchase eccentric listening experiences through various mediums, in which the physical releases are creatively packaged and delivered.

Formerly based out of SF but now being run out of Berlin and Detroit, both curators have had their ears to the ground far and wide enabling them to carefully showcase a wide variety of under the radar talent from the Bay Area and beyond. All of the artists on the imprint push an electronic sound that is rightfully underground for the mind as much as it is on the dancefloor. Three of the most recent releases on the label originate from Northern California artists; with both Roche and Lavender from San Francisco and Russell E.L. Butler from Oakland.

Roche has been in the game for the past couple of years putting out records on quality labels such as Mathematics, Icee Hot, and 100% Silk. This 3-track EP on Jacktone entitled, AXT, is definitely some of his best work up to date. Continuing on his psychedelic house tip he will have you in a 'Circadian Rhythm' without 'Congé' in a 'AXT' haze through time, space, and reality. Purchase and listen in full here.

Probably one of the most exciting producers to come up on our radar recently, Russell E.L. Butler, follows his critically acclaimed album, God Is Change on Opal Tapes from last year, with this new one called, Visions of the Future. The 7-track album shines light on Russell's impeccably moody instrumentation and improvisations through hardware electronics and drum machines. Raw and gritty, acid and analog. Jacking into the future and beyond. Highly recommend these visions. Purchase and listen in full here.

Jacktone's most recent release comes from label veteran, Lavender, who put out his debut, Mystique Youth on the imprint last year. His new compositions are sequenced in a 12-track soundtrack of dark scenic landscapes and ambient noise that wither and mummer in the Horizons Beneath The Surface. It's a slow burner. Purchase and listen in full here.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

First Listen :: Matthew Oh - 'Get in the Fridge'

Dutch imprint Taped Artifact preps it's fourth release featuring Italy's Serendipity Club regular and Outlaw Rec boss, Matthew Oh. Label heads, Kevin Arnemann and Daan Kemp continue to curate a tasteful roster of deep atmospheric indebted artists, making Matthew Oh a brilliant addition to the team. The Psycho Hub EP lays out three tracks that follow Mr. Oh's cosmic techno aesthetic.

Starting off with the title track 'Psycho Hub', Matthew constructs a charismatic composition that phases in and out of the ears with it's dubbed out basslines and confidently sprawling synth stabs. This leads into 'Shroud', which falls deep and dark into a vast abyss of spatial noise and relentless hi-hat paradiddles, that march on a techno rhythmic regime. The EP closes out with 'Get in the Fridge', a phrase taken from a scene in the G.I. Joe cartoon from back in the day. Segments of the 44 second scene are sampled throughout this down-tempo dub cadence, evoking a nature filled atmosphere with distant bird chirps and sedative reverberations like the wind. It's thought-provoking and incredibly relaxing.

Stream 'Get in the Fridge' exclusively below as apart of our First Listen series. Listen to the entire record over here. Matthew's Psycho Hub EP is out on May 13th.  Pre-order on vinyl and digital via Taped Artifact's bandcamp.

Also available through:

Tracklist ::
1. Psycho Hub
2. Shroud
3. Get in the Fridge

Monday, May 9, 2016

Project Pablo - Priorities

Project Pablo’s recent EP Priorities takes you on a foggy voyage through an array of electrical wonder moods. His EP on Magic Wire largely feels like a continuum of the album I Want To Believe. The celestial sounds of "Evening Call" will have you nostalgic for the future, while “Warm Priorities” will drive you there, blasting past blue, maroon, and crimson cosmic mist. The tracks on the release are ones that keeps you grounded in a dream-like state. It also has a touch of emotional complexity, which is an effect that lingers throughout “About to Leave”. If his last album I Want To Believe was just the beginning, Priorities is a promise there’s more to come.

The 12" is currently sold out but a repress is coming June 1st. Get the digital in the meantime via bandcamp.

Also :: A few days ago Patrick Holland aka Project Pablo announced his upcoming debut, Beaubien Dream on Montreal based Sobo. It's out on June 3rd. Listen below...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Los Angeles - May 6th & May 7th

If you think Los Angeles is boring you definitely aren't looking in the right places. This Friday May 6th Far Away is back with a special all night affair featuring Vancouver based Mood Hut all-stars Pender Street Steppers going B2B with Washington D.C. based Beautiful Swimmers of Future Times. The duos will be going back to back all night long which is going to be a spectacular experience not to be missed. RSVP for location of party and get those early bird tickets via Restless Nites before its too late. Listen to the type of vibes that will be brought below...

Then on Saturday May 7th the monthly Black Lodge party will go down at the intimate Hyperion Tavern. The night's guests will include As You Like It / Redline resident Mike Gushansky, Saskian Recordings founder Draveng doing a live set, and L.A. sweetheart Sage Caswell rounding off the bill. Sage will also be playing at Lights Down Low later on this evening with Omar S at a TBA location. As per usual BL residents Kosmik and Force Placement will be hosting and warming up the evening. Find all the info you need to know over here about the event, it's FREE so you have no excuse.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Azna De L'Ader - Zabaya

I have always been a huge fan of Afro-rock sounds especially as the season of summer approaches. Portland-based label Sahel Sounds, shows off archived recordings from Niger's most famous unknown band, Azna De L'Ader.  The latest release contains some of the most raw and real afro marinated psych-rock I have heard to date. These are some of the group's only recordings left and first physical release.

Heavily influenced by Western style rock, Azna De L'ader was at the forefront of being the first generation of modern music in their remote region of Niger. Fusing authentic West-African time signatures and harnessing their upbeat drums in a psychedelic manner, they weren't afraid to harmonize two different worlds of music and make them work as one. Listen to what I mean below and watch a live performance of the group rocking to, 'Zabaya', in what looks like a sold out show.

The LP is available now on 12" and digital via Sahel Sounds bandcamp.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stefan Ringer - 'bossa grv'

Coming in hot with the 'bossa grv', Stefan Ringer makes his debut on the ever credible Argot label based out of Chicago. The record will be available on May 20th, but is now up on soundcloud for stream. There's no doubt that Stefan's productions have evolved over the years; in most recent times his sound has been picking up more and more well-deserved accreditation. Earlier this year he released the Stimulate EP on 2MR and now he has this beautiful record out later this month, which is increasingly becoming a new favorite. Listen up and get lost into Ringer's sultry house jam...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sage Caswell on 2MR

2MR records has been relentlessly putting out records over the past couple months from a talented array of hard-working producers including Stefan Ringer, Mike Simonetti, and Pale Blue. Los Angeles favorite Sage Caswell joins their roster following his recent EP, House of Jeans on Huxley's No Idea's Original imprint.

Surface Tracks 1 is a 4-track release with Sage's undeniable cerebral house antics. With the sifting drums and uplifting keys in 'Actraiser' to the tribal tom techno number, 'You Can Waste My Time', the a-side is gripping and repeatable. The b-side continues with aquatic felt house patterns in '99 Goodbye' and closes out with the chilled-out mind-wandering refresher 'Scenario Day'. You can grab this record and download the digitals now from 2MR records, it will be available everywhere else May 20th.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Awalom Gebremariam - 'Aadu'

Awesome Tapes From Africa is at it again with the rare otherworldly cuts. This time around from Eritrean vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Awalom Gebremariam. Awalom finished his first and only recording in 2007, right before he left his hometown Asmara, which is the capital of Eritrea, to come to America. He has had a long journey to the States trying to escape the economic and political turmoil that shrouded his home. Awalom's music sounds ever so joyous and loving, almost like celebratory hymns.

He his now living in North Carolina, working in a restaurant and plans to expose his deep rooted classical Eritrean sound across North America. Thanks to Awesome Tapes From Africa that plan is coming to fruition and the East African musician will have his tape, Desdes, reissued on CD / Digital / Vinyl via ATFA April 15th. Pre-order it here. Stream 'Aadu' off the album below...

heavy rotation :: Studio OST - Scenes 2012-2015

Alvin Aronson and Galcher Lustwerk of White Material collaborate on new project as Studio OST. Garnering inspiration from utopian science fiction, the duo makes music for the future transcending their melancholic techno formulations into a deep space saturated in industrial tones and textures. These productions made between 2012-2015 were their escape from the harshness of New York city, where they recorded it all. Post-dancefloor day-dreaming feels all over this. Check out their recent interview with The Fader. The debut record is available now on digital through Lustwerk Music, and the vinyl can be pre-ordered here, stream the whole thing below.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Peggy Gou for 2016

Originally from Seoul South Korea, Peggy Gou moved to Berlin to work on music wholeheartedly a couple years ago. From working in a record store to being surrounded by influential people like Daniel Wang in her neighborhood, Peggy Gou has been making progress in crafting a distinct sound. 2016 she makes her mark with already two records on the market; Day Without Yesterday / Six O Six out on Phonica White Label and Art of War EP out now on Rekids. Her dreams are finally becoming a reality and hopefully she will be the first Korean female to DJ at Berghain as she mentions in her recent Dummy interview.

Her newest record Art of War Pt.II features two new originals, 'Jen High' & 'When Round, They Go'. L.I.E.S. producer Terreke serves up a rework of 'When Round, They Go' that is absolutely on point, and does the original justice. From funky basslines to fleeting body moving satisfaction on 'Jen High' to the phasing cerebral 303 melodies in 'When Round, They Go' it is clear that across all of Peggy's records put out this year, she is versatile in her house, techno, acid influenced musicality. Peggy's making waves, and she is here to stay. The Art of War Pt.II EP is out April 8th on Rekids. Stream all the tracks off the new release below courtesy of XLR8R, Inverted Audio, and i-D...

Coyote Clean Up - Hormones and Horoscopes Vol.1

Former DECKast contributor and all around Detroit favorite, Coyote Clean Up aka Ice Cold Chrissy put out a new mixtape on bandcamp called Hormones and Horoscopes Volume 1. A lot of old and new tracks on this, exploring Chrissy's signature trip-hop dreamy house beats and techno noir shoegaze bliss. Never disappointing sounds from this guy, therapeutic textures and melodies throughout this new release of his. Stream below and download the whole mixtape at a 'name your price deal' via bandcamp...

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Neo Violence V.A. compilation

Prague based Neo Violence has a new compilation out in light of the new year featuring Various Artists around the globe. The label has had a good run of releases thus far and this second VA compilation of theirs showcases that lo-fi induced house, acid, electro flavor that they are all about. Label head Dmit.ry did a fantastic job using his tasteful ears to compile this 20-track assortment of gratifying productions.

So many new names on this one it's overwhelming; former DECKast contributor Jupiter Jax has a new track called, 'Under The Trees' on the compilation that just happens to be one of my favorites. Jupiter Jax is set to have a release on Neo Violence later this year, keep your eyes peeled. Check out the video for 'Under The Trees' below and get this whole release at a 'name your price' deal through bandcamp.

Urulu on That's Deck radio

LA/Berlin transplant, Amadeus Records curator, and recent Voyage Recordings contributor - Urulu stopped by the studio 3-7-16. Catch his stellar guest mix below. No tracklist. His tour kicks off today at As You Like It in SF w/ Ben Klock, DVS1, and Jacques Renault.

4.1 - As You Like It - San Francisco, CA
4.15 - Datcha - Montréal, CAN
4.16 - Wrongbar - Toronto CAN
4.23 - Chalet Club "Official" - Berlin, DE
4.29 - De Chinastraat - Ghent, BE
4.30 - The WE Festival - Maastricht, NL
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