Wednesday, November 22, 2017

RWD.FM x Yuzo 11-13-17

Co-hostess/DJ, Yuzo of Dim Sum radio show on Seoul Community Radio mixes in for an hour with some supremely deep cuts and chats for a bit about Seoul's underground scene while she was recently visiting Los Angeles this past month.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Urulu - The Armadillo EP

Amadeus Records bossman Urulu is back at it with a brand new EP titled, The Armadillo, on his label commemorating his first 12" for the imprint. Compiling these 4 tracks in his home away home in Berlin, the productions exude a playful moodiness that are gripping in their easing modest tone and texture. With 'The Nautilus' on the A-side taking the listener deep into the subterranean world of cosmic synths and underwater drums to the pensive microwavable number, 'Cold Ravioli' on the B-side - Urulu merries the down-tempo to a groove that is rightfully undeniable. Highly recommend this one.

The Armadillo EP is out now worldwide. Buy it here.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

DECKast #67 x Malt

LA based producer/DJ/label co-founder, Malt aka Andrew of Leisure Sports Records mixes in for this issue of the DECKast. With a recent EP called Acidict on LSR as well as throwing monthly parties with JukeBounceWerk at Tokyo Beat called ARTBOX - Malt is constantly creating and curating new sounds for the local and global ears. With the tinge of euphoria, 303 basslines and house induced techno patterns - this mix he crafted up for us bangs incredibly deep. Turn up the speakers for this one. Check it out below and see what he had to say about the mix.

"This mix is comprised of a selection of different songs I have been listening to lately. Theres a lot of different flavors that are blended in, a bit of house, techno and of course Acid. Its always a fun and interesting time to go into tracks not knowing what will work out, but ends up being a tasty result. Hope you enjoy the mix!"

The Capsule’s Price - Bwana
Kobalt - A Sagittariun
Influxxxx - Gnork
Angst - Realitycheck
Circlon - Spatial
Layer Process - Reflec
State Of Matter - Umwelt
Acid Stomp - Robin Ball
It’s A Fine Day - Opus III
Spazzmatik Bass - Proper Villains
Crosstalk - Matt Whitehead
Alien Acid - DJ Haus
From Below - Junq
Compute - TR-666
Hashtag (Radioactive Man Remix) - Carl Finlow
Don’t Leave Me - Fjaak

Monday, November 6, 2017

RWD.FM x Fit of Body 10-30-17

Atlanta based Harsh Riddims founder Ryan Parks aka Fit of Body contributed a sweet mix of sounds he's been currently digging for this radio episode. Here's what he had to say about it:

"I made this mix in honor of our 13th release, Louke Man's Lil Devil. My favorite song off that tape, You knoww, is in the mix. There's a lot of youtube rips, there's a couple of vinyl rips. Shout out to Fantasyland and their tiny, little house section. Got a new track from the artist formerly known as Blunt Fang on there. New Galcher on there. Also, this is the first and last time that I use my own song for a mix."

Tracklist ::
​Gene Farris - My Oyster
Gene Farris - Magic Potion
Galcher Lustwerk - Yeeno
Louke Man - You Knowww
Divine Interface - Designer Desire
Dana Harris - As We Lay
DJ Taz - That's Right
Lil Tracy - Prom Queen
Smoke Purpp ft. Juicy J - Streets Love Me
Souls of Mischief - Step to My Girl
Negashi Armada - So Many Stories
Andy Rantzen - The Universe is Compelled to Move
Twin Shadow - Slow
Fit of Body- Heavens
Angelina - Fermezie Ou

Thursday, October 26, 2017

video :: Avalon Emerson - 'One More Fluorescent Rush'

Avalon Emerson returns on London's Whities label with a 2-track 12"/digital release due at the beginning of November. This follows her most recent EP, Narcissus In Retrograde on Spectral Sound late last year. 'One More Fluorescent Rush' debuted yesterday with a brilliantly colorful VR induced video directed by Hayden Martin and Camera/3D work done by Josha Eiffel & Felix Silvestris. The QR codes on the album artwork corresponds with each track on EP facilitating a digital engagement with the physical release. Check out the awesome video below...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

First Listen :: Louke Man - 'Me_You'

Toronto based producer Louke Man is to release his debut album, Lil Devil, on Harsh Riddims tomorrow. The 8-track tape blends glimpses of rap scats and r&b sampling into eager four to the floor sequences. Clever, calm, and reflective house tracks with raw tinges of old-school dance nostalgia.

We got a first listen premiere into the second track, 'Me_You' from the release. Warm and melancholic with it's heartbreak pitch and melody that's engulfed in this push and pull of punchy kicks, snares, and hi-hats. This star track follows suit of the lo-fi breakbeat house sound that is resounding around the internet these days, and its brilliant. More please.

Lil Devil is out on October 6th, 2017 via Harsh Riddims bandcamp on cassette and digital.

Tracklist ::
1. Creepin
2. Me_You
3. A535
4. Somebody's Lyin
5. Take It Slow
6. Beach
7. You Knoww
8. Pro Guns

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

video :: Solotape - 'Jamie'

Sounds from Orange County/SF producer and visual artist Spencer G aka Solotape. 'Jamie' is a brand new track on his soundcloud which follows his Winter Blues EP he self-released earlier this year. Following in suit with his other sounds, Spencer makes music videos for his music using a VHS camcorder. This track beautifully spews colors and VHS pixelation in harmony with the hyperactively jacked 303 house cadence that entrances throughout the number. Solotape is to be a guest on That's Deck radio sometime next month -  stay tuned. Check out a recent live recording of him banging it out at Underground SF for Asterisk...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

DECKast #66 x Michael Claus

Bay-area producer & Outpost resident Michael Claus is to release his debut album, Memory Protect, on 100% Silk next week. With releases and collabs on Jacktone Records, Outpost, and Charmin Records under his own name only in recent years, Claus has been actively making music since 2004. On this new album, Claus secures emotionally charged house and techno variations spanning between 2014-2017, telling his musical journey in an 8 track narrative of loose sedative rhythms and scenic synth euphoria. It's like "Bodies of water, oceans of memory – what collects, continues" - 100% Silk. Listen to two singles off the release below...

Memory Protect is available on cassette and digital September 22 via 100% Silk bandcamp. Also on September 23 at the Elbo Room in San Francisco Outpost will be hosting a 100% Silk takeover featuring Auscultation (LIVE), Maria Minerva (LIVE) and of course Outpost residents Michael Claus and CM-4. They will be celebrating the new tape in full force - not to be missed if your in the area - find all the info via Resident Advisor.

In light of the upcoming release, Michael generously contributed a short & sweet mix for our DECKast series. Showcasing an unreleased track of his own, alongside a track from late Outpost founder & close collaborator, Nackt; the tranquil array of tracks hit a calm reflective state in the mind. Purely transcending beginning to end. Listen below and read what he had to say about the mix...

"A collection of music to unwind to, chill out to, fall asleep to, or ride the train to."

1. Jorge Reyes - Sazilakab
2. Journeymann Trax -Ice Sheets
3. Smackos - The Fire That Will Always Burn In You
4. No Death & Sangam - Senses High
5. Yves Tumor - Limerence
6. Michael Claus - The Source Within (Unreleased)
7. Studio OST - Parsec
8. Nackt - Sonime ( 💓  I love you Johnny)
9. Tin Man - Washing Acid
10. Rezzett - Zootie

Previously :: Michael Claus - Assorted Tracks Vol.2

Thursday, July 13, 2017

BL001 - Spirits of the Black Lodge Vol.1

The Black Lodge launches their own imprint with a 5-track compilation titled, Spirits Of The Black Lodge Vol.1. The release features BL residents Kosmik and Force Placement, as well as BL veterans Vexation aka Dirty Jak [Hoe Down/Creme Organization/Dust Traxx], Brown Irvin aka Ashtre Jenkins [Apron Records/Motion Ward/NCA], and Frequencia aka Esteban Adame [Underground Resistance/Yaxteq/EPM/Planet E].

From Vexation's renegade-techno anthem, 'Commercial Whore', to Brown Irvin's dubbed out analog banger, 'Things Sharp'; Kosmik's hypnotizing acid entrancer, 'The Endless Void' rounds out the A side. Frequencia's, 'Fall Trax', perculates the start of the B-side with its punchy techno bass hooks, while Force Placement's regimented rhythm mantra sampler, 'Missing Words', closes out the record. The collection of tracks conjure up those particular energies and spirits that on may experience at a Black Lodge gathering.

It's a solid debut from The Black Lodge crew. Stream and purchase it below.

Spirits Of The Black Lodge Vol.1 is available now on digital and 12" via bandcamp.

Also ::
If you live in LA - this Saturday be sure to check out The Black Lodge at Hyperion Tavern with a live set from SF hardware queen, Fanciulla Gentile aka The Creatrix [No-Tech, Jacktone], and Jacktone Records co-founder Doc Sleep. They will be joined by DJ sets from He Valencia and BL residents Simnowsky, Kosmik, and Force Placement. Find out more info here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

heavy rotation :: Various ‎– Space, Energy & Light (Experimental Electronic And Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88)

Soul Jazz Records recently released a phenomenal collection of electronic and acoustic soundscapes from the 1960s through the 1980s. Titled Space, Energy, & Light, the glorious 14-track experience takes the listener on a journey through era's of sonic sound conjunctions created by a vast array of early electronic and synthesizer pioneers, mid-1970s new age gurus and 1980s guerrilla D-I-Y cassette-era electronic artists way ahead of their time. To the future and beyond the tracks transcend and leave the mind in a state of calm embellishment and awestricken cosmic empowerment, with music in harmony with the natural world. Incredible start to finish. Highly recommend. On heavy rotation.

This album is available as a heavyweight triple vinyl album, CD and digital release. Purchase here and worldwide.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dirty Jak - I Don’t Need U Hoe EP

The Black Lodge, is having the best of month of the year so far. With the recent launch of sister label Hoe Down Records run by Vexation aka Dirty Jak; Black lodge will also debut their new imprint at the end of the month with a V/A compilation featuring original tracks from Black Lodge residents/founders, Kosmik / Force Placement, and BL alumni, Vexation, Brown Irvin, and Esteban Adame's darker techno alter ego Frequencia. Digitals will be available at the end of the month while 12" will start shipping out sometime in July. More details to come soon.

Stream and purchase Dirty Jak’s EP, I Don’t Need U Hoe, in the meantime via bandcamp. From jaked acidic analog machine madness to ethereal synth arpeggios, Dirty Jak produces a solid 5-track record fit for a variety of dancefloors.

Catch Dirty Jak doing a live set this Saturday May 20th at the Black Lodge. He will play alongside Bopside/Creme Organization/Ghostly Intl./Spectral Sound legend, JTC and NTS Radio/LA Club Resource’s Delivery. Black Lodge residents will start out the evening at this special after hours TBA location for the one-off all-nighter. Find full event details/tickets via Restlessnites.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

video :: Vex Ruffin - 'Front'

Los Angeles based producer, Vex Ruffin released his sophomore LP, Conveyor, on the legendary Stones Throw Records a couple days ago. One of the star tracks off the album - 'Front' recently debuted its music video directed by the very talented Geneva Jacuzzi. The 12-track album features a track with rapper/hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy on the colorful production, 'The Balance'. This track also receives a remix from Peaking Lights, check it out below!

Vex Ruffin's Conveyor is out now on vinyl and digital via Stones Throw.

Friday, March 10, 2017

premiere :: Aria Rostami - 'Information Age'

Aria Rostami is set to release his newest album entitled, Reform, on our favorite SoCal label, Zoom Lens, next week. This album is continuation from Rostami's first two albums, "Form" and "Uniform" showcasing new and old recordings from his evolving musical journey. Zoom Lens label was kind enough to let us premiere the music video for the second single, 'Information Age' from the new release.

"The poem reads "When it ends, your life flashes before your eyes, it was different this time, it was 3 minutes from when I was 8. I was at my mother's friend's house, she had made candy out of roses, they tasted bitter. I looked to the sky, it was blue, or white, or grey, or red." It's a quote from a melodrama, over-the-top film noir I made where I played every character. It was the soliloquy from the moment the detective first saw the femme fatale. It's also a real memory I have from my own childhood. I didn't know someone could simply make their own candy and I was surprised that it wasn't as saccharine sweet as the American candy I was used to. Rose is a common ingredient in Persian desserts." - Aria Rostami

'Information Age' pays ode to a former long distance relationship he encountered in life which inspired him to write this particular song. Transforming his room into a childhood-like memory book, Rostami's DIY visual pairs effortlessly with his sweet like roses nostalgia and shifting frame personalities. The light and melancholic composition gives entry into the past, present, and future and has a gradual entrancing tone through it's duration. Beautiful in every way and very telling of Aria's 'Information Age' story. The rest of the album is all that and more. Be sure to check out the first single 'Lowered Intentions', released a couple weeks back below...

Reform is out on Zoom Lens March 14th.
Previously :: Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist - Wandering Eye

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DECKast #65 x Deep Club

Almost 4 year old label/d.i.y. party, Deep Club out of Denver, Colorado serves up an off-the-cuff 4 hour long vinyl mix for this issue of the DECKast. Ryan Scannura - curator, founder, and A&R tastemaker of the imprint, recorded this eclectic B2B session with fellow label member Occidental (Check out DC-002 Pariah Dreams EP) a couple weeks ago at his apartment.

The mix delves deep through their wax collections pulling an array of classic dance records, new school house/techno rhythms, and everything in between. The grooving chemistry of tracks shed light onto the type of sounds that Deep Club pushes on the label and likely soundtrack at their underground parties in Denver. This mix is coming in hot and so is everything they are doing right now - keep up to date with all things Deep Club here.

Read what Ryan had to say about the mix, the origins of the label, and his connection with Esteban aka Occidental below...

"Esteban (Occidental) and myself are both from central Illinois, but we didn't meet until sometime around 2012 in Denver. I had moved to Denver for graduate school, and he moved there a couple of years prior to get out of rural Illinois. I think that deep down, our common origin is why our music tastes align so well. We both grew up surrounded by cornfields, driving up to Chicago on weekends to have our minds consistently blown at Smart Bar and underground loft parties. When I met him he was one of the best djs I knew with the best record collection, and that is still true today. With his skill in mastering, cutting, and producing, along with others that we picked up along the way here in Denver (Bocaj, Lone Dancer, Ponyrok, Drew, Gant Johnson), it seemed only fitting to start a record label to showcase our own work. Since starting Deep Club in my basement in 2013, we've thrown dozens of underground parties in Denver and released 3 records. Our 4-year anniversary party is coming up next month.

This is an off-the-cuff mix from my apartment that went for several hours like we often do.

-- Ryan Scannura"

Tracklist ::
Sem - Red Dragon
Rising Sun - Hacienda
DJ Silver - Jack In Your Bed
G Flame & Mr G. ‎– P 'N' Sizzla
Polysick - Rubberbeard (JTC Remix)
Mannella - Letters From Mars
Will Azada - Flutter Butt [CGI]
Leisure Connection - Jungle Dancing
Lone Dancer forthcoming on Deep Club
Detboi Ft. Goldie - Joyride [Metalheadz Platinum]
Full Swing - Freestyle ’96 [Groove On]
C Powers - Smash [CGI]
Aggborough ‎– The Answer To Everything
Mark Forshaw - The Fuck
Chaos In The CBD - Trial Rider
Gesloten Cirkel ‎– Chasing Away The Night
Gut Nose - Drifting To Parts Unknown
Cheeba Starks presents The Toupe Committee ‎– GoGo Bop
Deepchord - Fargo
Antinote - Tape 1
Nthng - Are You Here [Pacific Command]
Ian Pooley - Celtic Cross (Bangin’ Bass Mix) [Force Inc.]
Channel One - Technicolor (Long Mix) [Metroplex]
Wood, Brass & Steel - Funkanova (Mr. K 7" Edit) [Most Excellent Unlimited]
Convertion - Let’s Do It [Sam Records]
Gay Marvine - Street Life [Bath House Etiquette]
Julee Cruise - Rockin' Back Inside My Heart (A Cappella)
Polysick - Twilight Part 1
Polysick - Twilight Part 2
Huerco S - A Verdigris Reader A2 Untitled
Polysick - Citylights
Polysick - Haze
Special Request - Lolita (Warehouse Mix)
Timeblind ‎– Squelch Trials
Gary Martin - Pimping People In High Places (Woodword Ave Mix)
Shed ‎– Opulence22
The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Boeing Mix)
Xosar ‎– The Calling
L'estasi Dell'oro - Belle
Titonton Duvanté - ? [God Particle]
Occidental - I Have Always [Deep Club]
Trackman - Two [Infrastructure New York]
Armand Van Helden - Witch Doctor (The Possessed Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
The Buffalo Bunch - Take It To The Street! [Crydamoure]
Julian “Jumpin” Perez Ft. Connie V - Jack Me Till I Scream (? Mix) [D.J. International]
Pom Pom ‎– 05 A Untitled
Pan Sonic ‎– Pyokki Halko
Tony Senghore - Where Is The Love ? (Ricardo Villalobos Rmx)
Mad Rey - Jaja Californien
Adalberto - My Tools
Jack Lagoon - Lookin At U
Gunnar Haslam ‎– Athabaskan Languages
Virginia - Funkert (Extended Mix) [Ostgut Ton]
The Underground Solution - Luv Dancin’ (In Deep Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]

Also ::
Be sure to check out Deep Club's most recent release from Denver based producer Bocaj. Already Used To It, Already Used is out now on limited 12" and digital via bandcamp and other good online record shops in US, UK, EU, & JP. Distribution by Crosstalk Int'l. Highly recommend...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Perpetual Dawn EP1 by Force Placement

Following his Pay No Mind EP on L.A. 909 last year, Force Placement returns with a new EP for the launch of LA underground party, Perpetual Dawn's new dance oriented EP series. Jason aka Force Placement has been hard at work crafting his sound this past year which has helped emerged this 5-track EP shining light on his unique lo-fi techno electro arrangements. From the machine bubbling dubbed techno cadences in 'My Mind is Telling Me No V1' to the phasing melodic noise number, 'Lifter' - this EP has all the feels for the dancefloor and more.

Perpetual Dawn EP1 by Force Placement is available now on digital via bandcamp.

Watch ::  Check out the music video for 'Dirty Camry' made by PD's visual genius Alex Pelly...

Also :: In celebration of the new EP and Perpetual Dawn's label launch, PD will be throwing an epic party this Friday at a secret location in LA. It will feature Telefon Tel Aviv, Olin (Chicago/Smartbar), Force Placement, and of course PD residents Kid606, Dahlia, Eric Parren. Check out Force Placement's promo mix to get you in the mood and find out more info on the late night dance gathering here...